• Apivia Takes IMOCA Lead, Multi 50's Knocking On The Door, Lipinsky/Hardy Lead 40's

    Passed like a flower by the leader of Multi50, the Doldrums closed on Charal. Leading since Madeira, Jérémie Beyou and Christopher Pratt are back hunters behind the tandem Charlie Dalin and Yann Eliès 1200 miles from the finish. If the IMOCA race is fully revived, the Multi50, only a stroke of luck seems to be deprived of victory Group GCA-Mille and smiles, tomorrow night in Brazil. Class40 side, Credit Mutuel continues its demonstration. Facing a powerful trade wind, the fleet can only hope to regroup at the entrance of the Doldrums, still 500 miles away, to challenge the supremacy of the Lipinski-Hardy tandem.


    Multi50: The leader expected tomorrow at night in Salvador de Bahia

    Keep your head cool, save the boat, touch wood, (not easy on a carbon trimaran ...), that's probably the motto aboard Groupe-GCA Mille et une smiles. For, apart from a twist of fate, it is hard to see what could prevent Gilles Lamire and Antoine Carpentier from entering the Bay of All Saints tomorrow evening. Nearly 200 miles ahead 800 miles from the goal, the numbers speak for themselves. That would be the double for Antoine Carpentier, winner last year in Class40 (alongside Maxime Sorel) and a first for Gilles Lamiré in three participations. As for the boat, it is one more line that will be added to the exceptional list of the VPLP plan launched in 2009 by Franck-Yves Escoffier.

    200 miles north of the leader, Solidaires en Peloton ARSEP clings but knows that the trade wind in the southern hemisphere is still more favorable to the leading competitor who touches the rotation eastward first. The angle opens and the speed increases. Primonial who comes out right from the Doldrums is not there and logically closes the march after his stopover Cape Verdean.

    IMOCA: Race resumed 1200 miles from the finish

    With 120 miles lead yesterday at Apivia, well in line, Charal seemed to be in control of the situation. 24 hours later, oops! The black foiler is 50 miles behind. What happened?

    "We were on a good trajectory, we took a last grain and after curtain," said bitter Jeremie Beyou this morning. "It's burgeoning all around us, we can not get out of it"

    On Apivia, Charlie Dalin thinks that "an east wave has grafted onto the Pot. In this phenomenon, the wind changes (it passes to the east) and in front of the wave, there is nothing. We made placement, we got away with what we had »

    We know the Pot-au-noir hardly predictable, but the reversal of such a brutal situation is unusual. The other competitors did not miss a thing! "Blows like that, we had all had, but here it is really steep" commented Jean Le Cam, 6th on Corum L'Epargne, at the entrance of the Pot. "What is certain is that when you have the game position every hour, it's easier for the hunter to shoot! "

    Jean refers here to refreshed positions on site mapping at shorter intervals than official rankings (every 4 hours). Skippers do not surf only on the waves but also on the web! This near-real-time vision was probably one more element to explain Apivia's shift in the east, which allowed him to avoid the trap Charal fell into ...

    There are about 200 miles left for the IMOCA leaders to get out of the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone, and the two leaders now have similar speeds. In other words, everything is possible 1200 miles from the finish.

    Especially since behind, it does not go wrong. 11th Hour Racing carries out its penalty of 1h30 following a rupture of its lead of propeller tree which allowed PRB to take away from him the third place, with touch-key with Banque Populaire. Still behind, a pack of ten boats rushes to the entrance of the Doldrums with 170 miles east-west. Suffice to say that nothing is played in this group led by the tandem Seguin Richomme Group Apicil.

    At the tail end of the fleet, some boats find themselves badly positioned in the east of Cape Verde and see the leaders of Class40 pass under their wind ...

    Class40: All behind and him in front!

    "It's sport, sport, sport! Exclaimed Kito de Pavant in a voice a little tired this afternoon. "It's a bit of a war on the boat. The sea and the wind are strong. We sail under large spinnaker and 2 reefs in the mainsail, and it is very hot under the dry suits. We can not wait for it to calm down ... "Off Cape Verde, following the hellish train printed by Crédit Mutuel, who digs up every standings, seems impossible. The Lipinski-Hardy tandem flies over the downwind debates, a kind of UFO in the Class 40 homogeneous fleet. What can its pursuers do if not hope for a tightening at the entrance of the Pot-au-noir? By then, the trade winds will certainly calm down but the tighter angle should not displease to Credit Mutuel, more at ease in the tailwind but also more powerful than its adversaries in the crosswind ...

    Leyton and Aïna Enfance & Avenir are on the alert 70-80 miles from the leader. Banque du Léman can still play the podium but behind, the gaps are starting to be considerable since the fifth Crosscall Chamonix Mont Blanc is already 250 miles away ... In the match "series boats", note the good positioning of Vogue with a Crohn , not far from Edenred. Everyone is now racing in the race and must set realistic goals. A philosophy written on the board of A everyone His Everest where Yves Courbon, enthusiastic as the first day said this afternoon "There is no time to take the lead, you have to take pleasure! "
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