• Cape Verde To Port For Brest Atlantiques Fleet

    The regatta is in full swing at "Brest Atlantiques" on Friday with a speed race towards the equator that is currently smiling for Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, leader of the fleet . On Friday evening's program, the management of the Cape Verde Islands' wind, before the big question of the week: where to cross the Doldrums?

    The clear voices, the not-too-withdrawn features, the good-natured morale, the four skippers joined this Friday at the weekly Brest Atlantic session were pleased to enjoy summer conditions after the muscular start of the Bay of Biscay. "I thought that the sun and the blue sky did not exist, if, yes, I reassure you, there are corners of the planet where it is mega beautiful. By cons, from time to time, and it has bothered us all night and for 24 hours, there are large grains that sometimes have the bad idea of ​​"eat up" the wind, which is not very good for speed, " summarized Thomas Coville on Sodebo Ultim 3, third at 16h.

    Joined this Friday during the weekly vacation of Brest Atlantiques, Franck Cammas told the first three days of sea on the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild.

    The conditions of the day. "We found wind for three hours, which was not the case before, we had a long period of light weather. These are summer conditions, the weather is nice, the sea is flat, we do not have much wind, 15 knots, but it makes it possible to advance quite a bit. I burned my knee with boiling water, it's not very beautiful to see, but everything is fine. "

    The start of the race. "We started a reef in 6 meters of hollow, the goal was that the first hours go well for the boat, it began to weaken after five hours, the sea has improved towards the approach of Spanish coasts. The Maxi Edmond de Rothschild behaved quite a lot, we managed to make correct averages in these seas, around 30 knots, almost beyond what we imagined, it ended well. We chose to go inside the DST at Cape Finisterre for reasons of ease compared to the sea which was more correct. "

    The pace to find. "We began to jibe at the level of Madeira. The options were to make a single jibe by getting closer to the center of the anticyclone and by doing a few hours across the road or to exploit a little better in the east to avoid soft spots, we chose the second solution. We made a first jibe around midnight in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, with a few hours when we were really well and a great angle of exit, then, it deteriorated with very changeable winds, adonnantes and refusals of 30 or 40 degrees that could not be exploited, because a jibe is about 15-20 minutes, and given the conditions, the wind rotations had already passed. "

    The regatta with the Macif Trimaran. "It's not just Macif. 200 or 300 miles on these boats that go to 30 knots, it can be reduced very quickly. In time, there is not much difference, we saw last night that between two rankings, there are differences of almost 10 knots of speed, the gaps are made and fall apart very quickly. After, we imagined that it was going to be like this, Macif, the boat goes fast all the time, they know him perfectly, master this kind of navigation around the world, we are very happy to meet with them already, so be ahead, so much better, but it's only the beginning of the race. Anyway, it's nice to have a beautiful regatta on a global scale, we see that the oceans are shrinking, it's a beautiful game of chess in the Atlantic. "

    The strategy to come. "There is already the management of Cape Verde with a little wind, then, the Doldrums. I have the impression that it is quite clear when you enter it, but it is reformed before leaving it. There is a very small chance that the person who comes first will be better than his pursuers, so we will try to return at least at the same time as Macif.

    A Sodebo Ultim 3 chasing the top duo composed of Maxi Edmond de Rothschild and Trimaran MACIF, with advantage this Friday to the first who has taken advantage of a shift to the east to descend faster than his rival. Not enough, however, to excite a Franck Cammas still satisfied with the start of the tandem race he trains with Charles Caudrelier: "We know that Macif goes fast all the time, they know the boat perfectly, and master this kind of navigation around the world, we are already very happy to play with him, so much the better if we are ahead. But that's only the beginning of the race. In any case, it's a beautiful game of chess in the Atlantic. "


    On the MACIF Trimaran, second in the standings from 16h to 65 miles behind the leader, François Gabart shows himself fair play: "The Maxi Edmond de Rothschild was very east, they managed to win in the west quite easily, because that the wind was stronger in the east last night compared to the forecast, they took advantage of it. " The winner of the 2012 Vendée Globe, like its competitors, now has his eyes on Cape Verde, with the wind shadow of the islands to manage, then on the black-Pot, which according Franck Cammas could smile at first arrived: "I have the impression that the Doldrums are quite clear when we get in, but that it reformes before leaving. There is a very small chance that the one who gets in first is better than his pursuers. "

    At the back of the fleet, Yves Le Blevec and Alex Pella (Actual Leader), flashed more than 30 knots in the morning of Friday, continue to play the hunters, on the lookout: "Sometimes conditions allow boats front to go fast enough, at other times, like this morning, we can fill our gap a little bit. In any case, we drop anything, the pace is very good on board Actual L eader, we are delighted to be where we are with a boat in exactly the same condition as departure. The race is beautiful for us, we will make sure that the story continues to be beautiful. "

    Photo: Yann Riou / PolaRyse / Gitana SA

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