• The Class 40 Approach The Finish!

    Less than 300 Miles from the finish of my first Class40 race on board
    Crédit Mutuel, here is a little almost! update.

    Of course, the uncertainty of sport in general, and ocean racing in
    particular, necessitates caution as to the final result. However,
    to be in the lead at this stage of the race and 60 miles
    ahead already fills me with satisfaction.

    After winning the MiniTransat two years ago, nothing was played
    for me to continue the race. It was during the winter of 2018 that a chance meeting enabled me to meet the management of Crédit
    Mutuel and in a few months to confirm this project and build a
    New, innovative Class40.

    We had to move fast because it was a tight schedule. David Raison,
    the architect, “killed” himself working to design his first Class40
    in time. The goal for him was to repeat the stroke of genius
    he had in designing the first scows on the Mini 6.50 circuit.
    Having had the chance to sail on such boats, I understood the
    incredible benefits they provide: speed, comfort, ease
    of use - especially offshore in big seas and the strong wind.

    November 2019, making moulds at Charlie Capelle’s.

    February 2019, start of construction of the boat at JPS, whose
    reputation is second to none.

    Throughout the summer we helped the boatyard team as much as we could
    to speed things up and get the boat in the water by mid-August. With Pic, Pauline,
    Camille, Gerome, Fidel and Albane, we worked night and day and 7
    days a week, using all of our physical and mental reserves!

    The reward was launching in La Trinité on August 13, with one question in our heads: would this funny-looking boat work?

    There was no time to wonder for too long, we had to push on: we had our times in the water,
    while David still needed to install all the electronics. That wasn’t easy for him when the boat was sailing, he was also working all night every night! Adrien Hardy has also then arrived to strengthen the team and help us learn about the boat.

    All we know was that the priority was to make it the most reliable boat. The second priority was to make the boat reliable! And so on...

    So Pic, Adrien and I, combined our experience and expertise to try and prepare this boat to cross the Atlantic in record time. Nobody can count the hours we spent getting there - the investment was total. We broke as many things as possible: the boom, the rudder system…

    After first training sails, we realised that the boat was not a dud. We could see that there was potential, but
    it did not set our world on fire either. It was not going to be easy; the start of qualifying, some DIY, other training - then it was already time to go to Le Havre!

    We arrived at the start with the boat ready, and the days that followed would demonstrate the quality of the work done. We haven’t got the toolbox out for the whole crossing!

    As we hoped, the boat becomes magical in more than 25 knots of wind. She flies on the water and rides the waves without slowing down.

    Madintec's autopilot, the "Madbrain" has also behaved
    perfectly. After coming out of the Channel, we never touched the helm again, and beat the 24-hour record under autopilot! The “Third
    Man” was clearly a key factor in this performance.

    Whatever happens from here to the arrival in Salvador, I'm very happy with the little bit of path we’ve already trodden and remembered here. It’s a great opportunity to lead these projects. I give my infinite
    thanks to Crédit Mutuel, who have put great trust in me. Many thanks too to Pic and Pauline who gave everything they had before the start, to David who will to be able to go on a refreshing cruise, and Adrien for having supported me over these last 17 days!

    How good it is to sail on these beautiful boats, under the warm night skies in the trade winds. I’m going back on deck to enjoy the last few
    hours ...

    See you soon


    While Salvador de Bahia is preparing to host the IMOCA Campagne de France at the end of the evening, the leader of the Class40s will ignite again the pontoons of the Terminal Nautico next night. The announced victory of Crédit Mutuel is unrivaled, the expression of an architectural vision staged by a tandem endearing and very talented. Behind Ian Lipinski and Adrien Hardy, the tenors of the class expected tomorrow have not spared their time. Because it continues to fight on the Atlantic, some approaching Recife, the others still in the Doldrums who is preparing to deliver his last prisoners tomorrow. May the party continue !


    IMOCA: Last Brazilian campaign

    At the exit of the Pot-au-noir, Brazil hands you well, we must show a minimum of restraint: "We had stress yesterday. The wind did not adorn and we could be stuck in Recife, we had to win in the east "said this morning Erik Nigon (Towards a world without AIDS). "So, with Tolga, we got tight close to get off the coast and it's better. We will be able to open the sails in a straight line ".

    Dans un alizé qui peine à passer sud-est, la navigation reste penchée au reaching pour la majorité des concurrents. Alexia Barrier et Joan Mulloy continuent leur bagarre avec Pip Hare et Ysbrand Endt, distants de seulement 3 milles. Et loin devant, Campagne de France s’apprête à passer la ligne en fin d’après-midi, vers 23h00 française. L’IMOCA vert de Miranda Merron et Halvard Mabire devance de peu Crédit Mutuel, attendu dans la nuit. Qui de mieux placé qu’Halvard, président de la Class40, pour apprécier la performance de Ian Lipinski et Adrien Hardy ? « L’architecture navale progresse et les nouveaux 40 pieds naviguent aussi vite que les vieux IMOCA. Lorsqu’on laboure la mer au reaching, ils ont des capacités de planning que l’on n’a pas. Crédit Mutuel est la nouvelle génération. Ses performances au portant paraissent écrasantes mais il ne faut pas tirer de conclusion hâtive » commentait le doyen de la course avant-hier à la vacation.

    Recall :

    - ETA Campaign of France: 23 hours (French)

    - Penalty of 2 hours for Advens for Cyberscurity, downgraded to fifth place.

    Class40: Crédit Mutuel, the right investment

    "Arriving on the coast like that by boat is the end of a trip ... It's superb, there is competition and travel, every race is different from this point of view" Adrien Hardy was excited lunch at the vacation. The sweetness of the last few miles sounds like the happy reward of a year of madness for his accomplice Ian Lipinski: "We worked nights and days, 7 days out of 7, drawing on our physical and mental reserves to launch in the water. Mutuel on August 13th. We did not open the toolbox of the whole race and as hoped, the boat becomes magical from 25 knots of wind. He flies on the water and passes the waves without slowing down "

    By choosing David Raison to draw a real scow, Ian knew where he was going. Spatulate bow, maximum power, Credit Mutuel out of the same barrel as the 6.50 with which he won two years ago the Mini-Transat. With its capsule shape, this new Class40 is like a pavement in the fed up class40 after the demonstration of speed he has achieved in the trade wind. Led by an accomplice and talented tandem, he has maintained a comfortable lead since the exit of the Doldrums and is preparing to cut the line as a winner around 6 am (French time)

    Leyton and Aïna Enfance & Avenir should unsurprisingly complete the podium, but behind, nothing is done. Big fight between Linkt and Made in Midi for the fifth place, ditto between Cre'actuel Cotes d'Armor, Edenred and Vogue with a Crohn around the eighth.

    On Eärendil, author of a nice return, Catherine Pourre would not be against a little more wind. Deprived of Code zero (hook damage), Catherine and Pietro may however be embarrassed when the wind will give before the final at large where they will be under spinnaker. As for #Attitude Channel, the youngest of the race Martin Louchart and Frédéric Duchemin will be able to celebrate their first equator. A well deserved passage after a stubborn Blackjack that continues to torment Up Sailing United for the planet and Kerhis.

    For 6 of the 25 boats still in the race this afternoon, it will be necessary to show a little patience before pouring his Neptune offering to the passage of the equator.

    Recall :

    - ETA Mutual Credit: 6:00 French

    - ETA Leyton: 16:00 French

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