• Sodebo Abandons Brest Atlantiques

    Thomas Coville and Jean-Luc Nélias, in agreement with Sodebo, made the difficult decision to give up, a choice that is above all related to their safety and the integrity of the boat.

    Since November 5, they lead the latest giant trimarans at speed on the oceans. In the tempo of other competitors, they made a very fast descent to Rio - also taking advantage of stopovers trimarans Edmond de Rothschild and Macif to take the lead to bypass the brand in Brazil.

    It is unfortunately the impact with an OFNI (unidentified floating object) in the night of Sunday 17 to Monday, November 18, in the middle of the South Atlantic that has compromised the continuation of this beautiful sporting and human adventure, forcing Thomas, Jean-Luc and Martin to stop yesterday in Cape Town to repair.

    For 24 hours the Sodebo Ultim 3 team has been hard at work in the South African port to repair the damage done to the rear of the float following the damage of the starboard rudder.

    The technical team also carried out an accurate and careful inspection of the trimaran and discovered this morning an injury on the starboard foil, linked in principle to the same impact. In pairs, sailing with a damaged foil and less rudder on the same side can be risky, the boat can become uncontrollable at any time.

    It is with bitterness but with the good marine sense that Thomas and Jean-Luc made the decision not to start again in the race.

    They will take the direction of France in a few days in crew so as to bring the boat safely.

    This first race of Sodebo Ultim 3 will remain rich of lessons and promising for the continuation of the program. Indeed since the departure of Brest, the trimaran has shown its reliability in very committed conditions and its potential for future confrontations to come.

    Explanations of Thomas Coville:
    "We arrived at dock yesterday in Cape Town after a serious damage to the starboard float that first ripped our saffron and then the back of the float. Before taking the long climb to finish the Brest Atlantiques, we wanted to make sure that the boat was honest. Upon further investigation it was discovered that the starboard foil had also been impacted. This prevents us from continuing safely, in the performance worthy of the Brest Atlantic and what we had done so far. The race was strong, in very muscular conditions for a new boat and we managed to do the whole melee descent with the best. In Rio, after the stopovers of Macif and Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, we take the lead. The whole race goes well until the violent shock that disabled us. On a first year and a first race we learned a lot. It was a race with strong twists but it deserved to be a great race. It is a great frustration to have to give up. We will bring the boat back as a crew for safety reasons and for the program to continue. We are building something big with these boats and this is just the beginning. Good luck to all who continue "

    Patricia Brochard, Co-President of Sodebo:

    "The priority is above all in the safety of men and the boat. We made this decision by mutual agreement with Thomas and all his team to whom we give our full support.
    I want to congratulate them for their mobilization both at sea and on land. Thomas and Jean-Luc gave us a great race. I also thank Martin who allowed us to live this adventure with them.
    It is inevitably a regret to have to give up but the rest of the program promises to be beautiful. We are only at the beginning of the adventure Sodebo Ultim 3 and we know it at Sodebo, it is on the duration that write the beautiful stories ... "
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