• Macif Stops The Bleeding


    If the passage of the equator gets closer to the leader of "Brest Atlantiques", the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, expected in the northern hemisphere next night, the three trimarans continue this Wednesday to make a route to the west to go look for a trade wind finally well oriented and established.

    With regard to the cartography of "Brest Atlantiques", it is difficult to believe that the three boats still in the race have for final destination Brest. They all point their bows towards the west and Brazil, 90 degrees from the direct route to Brittany, whose leader, Maxi Edmond de Rothschild (Franck Cammas / Charles Caudrelier), is 3200 miles away this Wednesday after -midday. For the latter, who should cross the equator next night, it is best position to cross the Doldrums without taking the slightest risk (the more we go to the west, the less active it is) , but also to place between the trimaran MACIF (François Gabart / Gwénolé Gahinet), located 850 miles in its south, and the arrival in Brest, so to mark it.

    A MACIF trimaran which, it was planned, crossed a front last night, as Gwénolé Gahinet said at mid-day: "The night was hectic with a passage in front, a lot of work positioning weather and a sail change. Last night, we were approaching the cold front with a north / northwesterly wind pushing up to 22-23 knots, which allowed us to remain high mainsail and J2 to cross it. The crossing was marked by a very fast turn to the left: 140 ° in 20 minutes, fortunately with a rather weak wind force. The wind quickly established in the south, which allowed us to reach good speeds and a good edge that finally brings us closer to Brest! "

    Finally not quite, since the trimaran MACIF continued Wednesday to make a route to Rio, although it should not be too early to jibe to attack a long tacky tack tack (from the right) equator. "The goal now is to shift in the west and to jibe this afternoon to avoid the weak wind associated with the end of the front," confirmed Gwénolé Gahinet.

    For its part, Actual Leader, positioned in the middle of the South Atlantic, roughly equidistant from the African and South American continents, continues to progress towards the north-west, returning with speeds higher than 20 knots after two days in slow motion. And if the gap separating it from the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild has narrowed in the day (322 miles to 16h), the elastic band should quickly reel in favor of the latter when he gybes and accelerated to the north, while that the duo Yves Le Blévec / Alex Pella will have to finish going up the South Atlantic in staircase, with a less favorable angle of wind to go fast. It remains to be seen if Actual leader will manage to keep his second place of the covetous trimaran MACIF. Answer to the next episode ...

    Launched since Sunday in a strategy to the west different from its competitors, which, at first, proved costly in miles lost (up to 912 miles behind the Max Edmond de Rothschild, Tuesday at 16h), the trimaran MACIF is touching the first fruits of this option: after crossing a not very active front around midnight, it began to recover a little speed (22.1 knots over four hours between 4 and 8h) in a southerly wind a few fifteen knots that allowed François Gabart and Gwénolé Gahinet to begin to pick up miles on their predecessors.

    In the 8h standings, the two MACIF skippers are 860 miles behind the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild (Franck Cammas / Charles Caudrelier) and 475 on Actual Leader (Yves Le Blevec / Alex Pella) who, for two days, is struggling in weak winds that do not advance (12.3 knots average over the last four hours). Unlike the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild who, while recalient to the west to the northeast of Brazil, gradually sees his speed increase in a trade wind that finally becomes consistent.

    Franck Cammas and Charles Caudrelier are expected to do a little more westerly on Wednesday before jibing and cutting the equator, 200 miles to their north this morning, next night, and then crossing the Pot- au-noir, next hurdle on their way to Brest.

    Photo: Jérémie Eloy / Macif

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