• Cammas Closes In


    Here is the word of the board sent this Tuesday, December 3 by Ronan Gladu, media man on Actual Leader.

    "The news of Actual Leader, right in the middle of the North Atlantic! We are exactly halfway between the Canaries and Bermuda. We have finally stopped our progression towards the west, the opposite of Brest ... But our road, full north, still does not bring us closer to the goal! This will happen one day.In the meanwhile, our champions, Yves & Alex, are always on the block, the nose in the bar (wheel!). The atmosphere is as usual, super jovial: the two sailors are never short of anecdotes and stories, I enjoy to accompany them during the shifts.

    This is not for all "The cruise fun": even if they try to rest at best, fatigue, stress, everything accumulates after 28 days of intense racing, without the slightest respite! Me who am "out of quarter" and especially out of intense gym session, I feel it: we are a little emptied! Under these conditions, an error can quickly happen. Personally, after some ridiculous falls inside, I move closer and closer to the hull: I will soon crawl like a GI under barbed wire, to reach the kitchen or toilet, haha!

    This management of exhaustion, Yves & Alex know a ray. They manage, they explain to me: the more powerful the boat, the more the slightest dizziness can take dramatic proportions. An Ultim is overpowering, everything is about ten tons, but you quickly get used to the proportions of the beast. For example, all the tips come back in the cockpit, around the huge winches, then the column. They control the activation of the winches with big buttons on the ground. During a maneuver, it stomped all four feet to select or deselect the six winches: all combinations and speeds (as on a bike pedals) are possible.

    A previous experience, already lived by Alex, to understand the issues: in the middle of the night, the wind changes direction quickly, you wake up your colleague to tuck the mainsail, very heavy, thoroughly on the column: only one winch selected , very low speed; except that another winch was selected in a corner with the choice: halyard, cunningham, foils selected ... And paf, you tear half of the boat. Hot. Especially with a ball like me on board, who goes out pissing in the middle of the night and smashes all the buttons, relaxed: "Oh, sorry! ".

    So when fatigue is present, they put themselves in "idiot proof" mode, slow down, check each movement. And it works, everything is fine on board! For two days we have been climbing a long, long swell from the northwest. On this monstrous boat, high on the water, the waves always look small. But there, feel up and down mountains, it is super impressive. You must have the guts well amarinées! It's a little frustrating for the surfer that I am ... And where do they go, these swell trains, offshore, huh? We have also caught up with Macif: we now see ourselves at the AIS, less than 20 miles away. Yves & Alex are on their way to put pressure on their competitor until the finish! "


    Franck Cammas and Charles Caudrelier, on Tuesday morning 450 miles from Brest, live their last hours at sea, the two skippers out of 24 hours express (30.1 knots average speed, 722 miles traveled). They still benefit from a south-south-west flow of about twenty knots that allows the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, currently at the latitude of La Rochelle, to continue his direct route to Brest, where he should arrive at the end of next night, with maybe a few tackings to finish, since the wind will swing to the east. "It will remottir approaching the French coast and refuse, we will finish in the mid-wind that will become weak for the crossing of the finish line , " commented Franck Cammas on Monday in a video sent by the media man Yann Riou.

    Charles Caudrelier added: "We are in front of the front, with a sea that is not very good, because there is wind in Spain, so we feel this swell face So we go easy, because the only thing that could not win us would be not to finish, we must not break the boat on the pretext that we are impatient to get to Brest » .

    Behind, the MACIF trimaran (François Gabart / Gwénolé Gahinet) and Actual Leader (Yves Le Blevec / Alex Pella) are almost in contact on Tuesday morning (10 miles between the two at 8am), a situation that the skippers foresaw the day before: "On is in an area with not a lot of wind, we stumble into it because it goes ahead with us, explained François Gabart and Jérémie Eloy, media man of MACIF. It is not very pleasant to move towards Brest but we do not really have the choice, because it covers all the Atlantic. We have Actual Leader who arrives from behind with a little more wind, it should last almost 24 hours, I think we will end up not very far from each other. "

    Same analysis on Yves Le Blevec's side who told Ronan Gladu: "We are catching up with the Azores anticyclone, with a wind that is settling down, we are going to a place where there was very little wind there is very little time, it's all soft, and as MACIF is in front of us, it's even softer for him, so mechanically, it catches up. That's fine, there is very little difference between us 2000 miles from the finish. The advantage when it is slow is that it is really relaxing for the equipment and for the sailors, we will take the opportunity to make some small things to be sure that the boat is in perfect condition in the last run when the strong winds will arrive. " And from La Trinité to conclude by providing an arrival in Brest on Saturday.
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