• Spindrift's 1st 24 Hour Run A Bit Behind


    Spindrift 2 crossed the start line of the Jules Verne Trophy on decembre 3, 2019 at 20H 55' 54" UTC to begin their 21,600 miles around the world record attempt.
    The Objective: to beat the existing record of 40-days 23 hours 30 minutes and 30 seconds and cross back over the line again before 20H 27' 25" UTC on January 13, 2020.

    The twelve crew of the black and gold trimaran crossed the line in front of the Créac’h Lighthouse (Ushant) at on Decembre 3, 2019 in a very moderate 12-15k easterly breeze. The relatively calm conditions are a change from the stronger conditions normally associated with a start of a round the world attempt but by daybreak, as Spindrift 2 approaches the Spanish coast, Yann Guichard and his crew should benefit from these constant winds that will veer to northerly strengthening to 25-30 knots and gusting along the Portuguese coast.

    It is expected that Spindrift 2 should cross the Bay of Biscay and arrive at the Equator in a little over five days. Once into the Southern Hemisphere, the crew will be able to sail more or less directly to South Africa with a view to cross the longitude of the Cape of Good Hope in less than thirteen days. Once at the entrance to the Indian Ocean, the black and gold trimaran, will be able to assess its performance against the existing record and the potential of completing the 21,600-mile course in record time.

    04/12/2019 8.00 UTC - SPINDRIFT 2 DATAS
    58 miles behind Idec
    Distance from start: 206 miles
    Speed: 18 knots
    Wind Speed: 14 knots

    Hello everyone,
    Awesome conditions for the beginning of this record. Moon rising on the bow of Spindrift 2, starry sky, flat sea and a bit more wind than expected!
    Second half of the night was a bit more tricky, with areas of erratic winds and a few cargo ship to dodge. It should be more stable in the morning.
    Temperature-wise, biting cold but dry. We won’t complain as Brittany was very wet in the last few weeks!
    Cheers, heading to the bunk for 3h.

    The meteorological situation is tempting to head south. Well established winds from the North in between a depression over Spain and the anticyclone over the Azores.

    Further South, near the canaries, the trade winds will take over.

    The good things come to those who wait, Spindrift had to cross the Bay of Biscay with easterly winds badly established. This was the price to pay to escape at more than 35kn tonight and the following day. The negotiation was harsh…
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