• 2020 Cape 2 Rio Update

    13 Boats departed Cape Town headed for RIO on Saturday as part of the 3435nm 2020 Cape 2 Rio race. 9 additional boats will depart January 11th, effectively giving the cruisers a week lead. Among the fast boats leaving will be Giovanni Soldini and the crew on the Mod 70 Maserati, hoping to eclipse their own record of 10D 11h 29m 57s set on the Volvo 70 Maserati in 2014. Als in the fast boat division is the Southern Wind 102' Almagores II with an Italian crew, a beautiful Farr designed cruiser with the waterline to set a monohull mark. The Judel Vrolijk 52' Haspa Hamburg
    has potential to corrected out ahead as does the double handed Mussulo 40, crewed by Jose Guilherme Mendes and Pereira Caldas...


    Here are some reports from the fleet thus far:

    Jan 5th Reports

    Argonaut: Whale swam under under the boat. Lots of dolphins.
    Indulgence: Somewhat of a hectic start with our genoa sheet that came loose at the first marker followed by a dash of over enthusiasm at the second marker… but hey all good. As it is still the first day we are still settling in…. we’ll put on the “turbo’s” a bit later in race. Regards from the already warmer water.

    Myrtle of Bonnievale: Wonderful day of the start. Light wind. Excitement. Adrenalin rush. Slow sail up the coast. Then wind died at midnight. Jib up, jib down, spinnaker up, spinnaker down, mainsail up, mainsail down – speed stayed at 0.0 knots. then realised we are drifting back to Cape Town and lowered all sails. The morning brought a 7 knot breeze. We don’t complain because compared to the 2014 start where we had over 40 knots with rain the first night, this is heaven. Good day to all. Pierre Albertyn, Myrtle of Bonnievale Team

    Ronin: Greetings from Ronin. our 1400hr position as follows. 33.16.5s 017.21.0e. what a night. had zero steerage due to zero speed through the water.sometimes we were facing south drifting north at half a knot. all good onboard. we brought a huge lasagne on board and just having the last for lunch. chasing rotary scout who are currently 4.4 miles ahead of us. Cheers.

    January 6th

    Argonaut: Braaied springbok rump & sweet potatoes + carrot salad for dinner opened a bottle of springfield wholeberry last night. Flying along at 6 knots. Pls ask organizing committee to organize wind. Can see mojie still and many of the fleet on AIS. Saw some jelly fish. Rod out to catch fish – so far only caught a blue ribbon packet. Engine all sorted and happy. Generator running at the moment to heat up the geyser for a nice hot bath later. Spinnaker is up and flying since 0700 on the wrong halyard. Braaied boerie rolls 4 lunch. Engines are healthy. Played a game of cluedo.

    Ronin: Finally sailing downwind. Flying sym last 18 hours. Got the cob going be made a massive lunch. No freeze dried food here. Had lot of comms with rotary scout. out of range now though. They all sound fine.

    Sulanga: All well on board
    Umoya: Spinny is up today with easy SE blowing. Trucking nicely at 320T

    ************************************************** ********

    January 7th
    Argonaut: Saw Umoya off our starboard bow. Fixed bilge pump in anchor locker. Flying a baby kite whilst the ram kite dries off – it was in the anchor locker. Great fluorescents in the water last night. More great food and Braaiing

    Ronin: Had a great run last 24 hrs. 195 mm.Nice to have the sun out today but going a lot slower. Eating like kings still and every one up and chilling in the sunshine. Don’t think we are going to see another run like that again soon. Cheers from Ronin.

    Umoya: last night we hit 16.5kn with 20kn winds under a ridiculously bright starlit sky. now were moving to slower conditions. winds dropping a little and temperature is HOT!

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