• Trifork Smashes Tour Of Mallorca Record

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    Antonio Cuervas-Mons, bow of the VO70 'Trifork': "I never thought that these conditions could occur in the Mediterranean, but the ship and the crew have responded very well." The sailboat improved in almost four hours the previous record, established in 2005

    In the early morning of last Monday, while the eastern part of Spain was sheltered from the lashes of the Gloria storm , a sailboat released moorings at the Royal Nautical Club of Palma to try to break the record of the Tour of Mallorca . Going out to the sea with waves of more than eight meters and wind gusts of 40 knots is a recklessness for any boat, but it was those weather conditions, more common in the South Pacific than in the Mediterranean, that the crew of the 'Trifork were waiting for ' by Danish shipowner Joern Larsen , to pulverize the record. So it was.

    The VO70 'Trifork' stopped the stopwatch in 13 hours, 15 minutes and 17 seconds , surpassing in almost four hours the mark established by the German maxi UCA in April 2005, when he managed to circumnavigate the main island of the Balearic archipelago in 17 hours, 14 minutes and 19 seconds. Since then there had been four record attempts, but all failed due to lack of wind or after suffering breakdowns.

    The UCA record has lasted almost 15 years, but has ended up succumbing to the technological and human potential of Trifork, a boat designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian and winner of the 2008-2009 Volvo Ocean Race with the name of Ericsson 4 , which has taken advantage of the strong Winds from the Gloria storm to navigate at speeds that in some sections have far exceeded 20 knots.

    The crew of the Danish ship has been formed by Joern Larsen, Kristian Wulf Andersen, Jens Dolmer, Aksel Magdahl, Pinacho Fructuoso, Martin Hjortlund Shore, Peter van Niekerk, Antonio Cuervas-Mons, Pablo Arrarte, Luke Malloy and Jes Gram Hansen . They all add more than 20 world tours.

    Once on land, Antonio Cuervas-Mons, '—eti' , an experienced oceanic and maxi navigator who accumulates four times around the world, confessed feeling surprised that such harsh conditions can occur in the Mediterranean: " We had winds of 40 knots and very large waves, I have not been sailing in this time for a long time , but the ship has behaved well and the crew has worked at a high level. I thank the owner and Trifork very much for inviting me to participate in this experience. " The most difficult moments on board, explained the crew of the VO70, lived in the area of ​​Tramuntana, with waves that have exceeded eight meters, and in the Capdepera to Formentor, section in which the ship has given "some important boats. "

    The Trifork crossed the starting line, located between the Portitxol and the West Dock of the Port of Palma, at 7.00 on Monday and headed to Cabo Blanco with two curls on the mainsail and the anemometer marking 20 knots of the ENE. The boat kept a good pace until it turned Cap Salines, where it had to move away from the coast in search of wind. There he made two turns before heading to Cala Rajada, in the northeast of Mallorca, where streaks of more than 40 knots were recorded. The images of the Trifork as it passed through the Capdepera lighthouse confirmed that the Gloria storm replicated conditions similar to those of the South Ocean .

    The situation was very similar to the passage of VO70 through the Cape of Formentor, the northernmost point of the island. The navigator, Aksel Magdahk, winner of the 2008-09 VOR on this same ship, made the decision to move about 15 miles away from the north coast . A single trasluchada placed Trifork in the channel between Dragonera Island and Mallorca, where the wind subsided no more than 10 knots. From here, having left behind the most complicated stretches of the circumnavigation, the Danish team sailed "comfortably but with the crew very wet" to the finish line, which crossed at 8:15 p.m.

    Numerous members of the Royal Yacht Club of Palma and sailing enthusiasts gathered in the port to receive the crew of the Trifork. Emerico Fuster, president of the organizing entity, has delivered the owner Joern Larsen of a club pennant . The new Trifork record will be engraved on a plaque that, from this Tuesday, will be exhibited within the framework of the painting by the artist Luca Monzani who presides over the main entrance of the RCNP social building.

    Manu Fraga , sports director of the club, has recognized that it will be very difficult to overcome the Trifork brand: "It is a really incredible chrono, only within reach of ships and crews of high level. This return to Mallorca has been the most spectacular in history , but the records are to be broken . "