• Jan 21 Update: The Cape 2 Rio Fleet Muddles Along


    Received your information, we are dodging the storm and braaing fillet mignon and having a nice red wine. The chef is getting tired of cooking and menacing strike 😀
    Best regards

    Last night a petrel landed on our stern and sat there for a while before leaving us again. Some kind of big fish (possibly tuna) swam off with our lure after breaking the line. Currently we have been through every 30 seconds card of both adult and kids version!

    CFM2 – ZULU GIRL powered by MAZI:
    Good evening
    Family and friends
    We hope everyone is well.
    Conditions onboard have been good today we have light to moderate wind (around 10 -15 knots). our heading is on average about 300deg.It is probably the warmest day we’ve had (really wishing we could use our fans!)Food has been great thanks to Dan the Man. We are now setting up the boat for the next couple of days.

    Now with about a week left of the race it is time to be focused in terms of how we finish as the last 1300 miles is going to be very tactically challenging. we are very happy with where we are! If anyone chats to Mossulo let them know we are coming! ZuluGirl Powered By Mazi! PHEZKWABO!
    Siyanda Vato

    Experienced consistent and moderate winds, and made good miles with our recently re-repaired S4 spinnaker. Initial night rain squalls were followed by a late rising, waning crescent moon and beautiful stars. We have used the good weather to check all our storm sails and prepare for the extreme weather that is forecast. We have just changed ship time to UTC – 2 hrs

    Mussulo 40 – Team Angolan Cables:
    Everything Ok!

    Myrtle of Bonnievale:

    We had a good swim for 45 minutes when we stopped yesterday. Today Pietman has some ear infection, probably from the swimming and wind in the ear later. We hope it will clear up soon.

    PK and Lize is washing clothes today. The boat and everyone is happy.

    Cloud cover 30%, Outside temperature 28,3 C, Water temperature 28,3 deg C (seriously), Wave height 2 meter, Wind from 95 deg, Wind strength 14 knots, Barometer 1020.

    Love and good wishes to all from all aboard Myrtle.

    Pierre Albertyn

    Almagores II:
    The day of the race start, we weight and wrote each weight on a notebook.
    The idea was to check, if at the arrival in Rio we lost, gained or remained the same weight, but we didn’t know that Nicole and Massimo would have start to cook such a good things, for lunch and for dinner.

    Let me describe some of them.
    I could start telling you about fillet with pepper, or pasta with pesto sauce,or swordfish and tomatoes sauce,or, why not, about baciocco cake ( potatoes cake), but how can I forget to tell you of some cocoa cakes, chocolate and pears, or 4 pizzas cooked today for dinner?

    So now, what’s your opinion about our weight in Rio? I think that it will be easier to make us roll instead of walking, here we do not loose kilos, we add kilos….

    P.S. Do you remember that some days ago I wrote abouto someone on board seeing UFO in the middle of the night? Today wereceivedd a mail from a SAA pilot that saw our report about the UFO, he was the UFO, he is fond of racing, is following the Cape2Rio, and as he recognized the boat while flying above us, flashed with the landing lights and the wings lights. Mistery solved, a beautiful smile and a unique story to tell, thank you Richard!!!

    In these days the challenge is to find the right course to follow,as on Cabo Rio and Rio de Janeiro, is positioned an intense frontal system, with,on friday, sustained winds (34-40 knots) and swell around 5.5 meters with gusts greater than 50 knots.

    The safety team of the race Cape2Rio recommends to all the boats, to remain north of 20°S.
    Our skipper Andrea has the hard work to understand which is the best and safest way to reach Rio and how to start preparing the boat for this low. For sure we’ll keep the storm jib ready to be hoisted, the mainsail checked to be ready for a fast drop off.

    Tough days are expecting us…updates to follow.

    greetings from the good ship Anjo. Seeking the elusive SE trades from 23 degrees up to 21 degrees as is the norm. Alas not this race and the navigator may just get his bum stewed in rum (as the sea shanty goes) if the best route to Rio was direct. All her no matter the time of day. Light winds remain the call of the day. Grrrrrrr

    Just had a feast of bacon and eggs on fresh baked bread. Wind backing to east at last.😎

    During the dark hours we had light winds and an amazing starry night. Also incredible is the quantity of satellites that we can see near the sunset and sunrise.

    Near dawn we sighted a navigation light straight ahead. At 9 GMT something fantastic happened: we passed SY Northern Light only 30m away, 17 days after they departed Cape Town! Such a huge Ocean sometimes becomes a small pond! We greeted each other without the need of a VHF. Their huge and beautiful white starred blue spinnaker was the theme of our pictures today.

    Now the wind is picking up and we are charging full speed towards the Brazilian coast. It’s pedal to the metal again!

    Those of you who think this is a straight line drag race without any strategy involved, this can’t be further from the truth. There is a huge low forming between us and the finish line. The best point to cross the system must be found keeping a delicate balance between sailing a longer course, avoiding the worst of it and preserving the equipment, or cutting the corner. But what happens after? The wind is supposed to die and change it’s direction completely around the clock. Who will get the new wind first? It’s a chess game out here, and we need to keep the pawns sailing fast. There is still a lot of race before the end!


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