• Pedal To The Metal For Joyon


    This morning (Sunday), Francis Joyon and the crew of IDEC SPORT reached the Portuguese islands of the Azores. They are passing through the middle of the islands between Flores and Faial. Since yesterday, the maxi-trimaran has been back in conditions enabling her to get back up to high speeds. In a 20-knot NW’ly wind, the red and white maxi-trimaran is advancing at 32 knots towards the Channel approaches, which are still some 1200 miles ahead of her bows and which the crew expect to reach by Tuesday morning.

    (Now 510 Miles In Advance)


    The strong NW’ly air stream that is accompanying IDEC SPORT and her crew should enable them to be propelled at around thirty knots to the Channel approaches. They will then have to sail up the English Channel before making their way into the Thames Estuary and heading to the finish line for the Tea Route under the QE II Bridge. The crew are getting an idea now of their ETA and can hardly wait to get back ashore after their long voyage from Hong Kong and a month of sailing. If IDEC SPORT maintains this pace, they could well finish in London late on Tuesday.
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