• End Around: 40 Knot Winds Dictate The Route

    Forced West by 40 knot gales we're attempting an end around the low that is forecast to move slowly southward and end up exactly where I am now. It is generally considered a very bad idea within the sailing community to try and occupy the same space as a low pressure system bent on your destruction. The picture here is of Seaburban running almost dead down wind in 40+ knots and 7+ meter seas.

    We actually only have one choice. The only variable is how fast we go. Right now, we're going as fast as steering allows. If the swell loses a bit of bite, we can add some canvas and go faster. Until then, we're slow and at the mercy of the breaking waves.

    In the last 24 hours, the low that is blocking any move north, east, or south has been forecast by the weather models to be in 3 different places doing 3 different thingss. Tough to plan around a moving target.

    But we do have moderating conditions. And that means we're much better off than last night when our options were dwindling to 1 and then none. Sailors like options. It's like money in your mattress. Banks as I'm sure you know, have been known to fail. Much like the weather models.

    Follow my tracks in real-time: https://bit.ly/svseaburban
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