• 5 Capes Sailing: Reward Enough

    The last four days have been trying to say the very least. Trying in the context of the most difficult few days so far. At 8pm local, we were sailing in 35 knots, often sustained 40 plus and gusts 45 plus with breaking waves washing over the whole boat. I stopped looking after I saw 45 thinking that if I saw anything more, my resolve to continue northward would be blown away with the some and spray filing the air.

    All afternoon conditions had been worsening and I was continually being pushed westward. I desperately needed North and East to get into a position where the wind might, and I say might, go Southwest and eventually West allowing me to go North and East. That was the plan, and at 8 last night, the plan wasn't looking very good. Being stubborn helps. But there comes a time when stubborn begets stupid. I was feeling on the stupid side of stubborn watching the waves cream us a-beam.

    At 4am this morning, the wind had veered. We were headed North. At 5, there was no wind. At 6 we were headed North by East. It would seem the plan put into place some four days ago may yet succeed.

    Feeling battered and bruised, this sunrise was reward enough. I don't trust the wind. Me thinks there's more in the mix. For now, however, we're celebrating small successes and getting to this point is most certainly that.
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