• A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

    In a bit of a throwback to days gone by of racing, the singlehanded dinghy sailors came out in force on Thursday off Shilshole in Seattle.
    Yes, Virginia, there IS racing while simultaneously social distancing.
    The Seattle Laser Fleet - which includes the RS Aeros in town, dotted the water on a perfect, sunny May evening.
    There were very good fleets of both boats with about 30 boats dotting the Sound.

    Photos courtesy of Doug Frazer and John Beaver who between them had 4 kids on the Laser course! The fleet was split about evenly between RS Aeros and Lasers (Radial and Standard rigs combined).
    The Aero sailors have been at it for a while this spring, meeting multiple times a week and working on their speed and technique. The World Championship, after all, had been scheduled to run this summer on the Columbia River Gorge. This fleet boasts some of the region's best sailors and is likely the strongest Aero fleet in the US. So it's no surprise they're out there.

    The Laser fleet, however, has not been as active. That all changed Thursday night when 14 Lasers, about evenly split between Radial and Standard rigs, were out. About half of the fleet were junior sailors which bodes well, not just for Laser sailing, but sailing in general. Fleet captain Mark Ross had worked with Corinthian Yacht Club to have one person in a Whaler on hand to set the course and run starts.

    Five races were run with the boats returning in the fading light and a building northerly. Only smiles were seen on the sailors' faces.

    For more information on RS Aero and Laser sailing, visit seattlelaserfleet.org.

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