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    Published on 11-20-2017 01:21 PM
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    Shadows and lights
    Strategy change this weekend with the expected meteorological upheaval in the Indian Ocean in the middle of the week: the bad depression of Mozambique has finally disintegrated and the expected portable corridor north of the Kerguelen ...
    Published on 11-20-2017 12:51 PM
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    (NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI) November 20, 2017 - Alerion Yachts, the luxury daysailing brand renowned for its combination of stunning, traditional lines and modern ...
    Published on 11-20-2017 12:12 PM
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    An exciting new era in America’s Cup racing has been unveiled today as the concept for the AC75, the class of boat to be sailed in the 36th America’s Cup is released illustrating a bold and modern vision for high performance fully foiling monohull racing yachts.

    The Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa design teams have spent the last four months evaluating a wide range of monohull concepts. Their goals have been to design a class that will ...
    Published on 11-20-2017 11:04 AM
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    Temperature falling; wind increasing; stealth mode in play

    The week has started off at full-speed; temperatures are plummeting in the South Atlantic,
    speeds are up, and one of the leading boats has engaged Stealth Mode...

    Dutch crew Team Brunel opted to go into stealth mode on Monday, cloaking their position from their rivals for up to 24 hours – as Spanish team MAPFRE led the Volvo Ocean Race fleet towards Cape Town.

    Brunel skipper Bouwe Bekking and navigator ...
    Published on 11-20-2017 10:34 AM
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    Coast Guard searches for missing boater south of Pillar Point Harbor

    SAN FRANCISCO — The Coast Guard is searching for a missing boater Sunday after a boat was found adrift ...
    Published on 11-19-2017 06:30 PM
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    We are extremely saddened today to report the fatality of Simon Speirs, a crew member on board CV30, (GREAT Britain).

    Simon, 60, from Bristol, UK, was on the foredeck assisting with a headsail change from Yankee 3 when he was washed overboard. Although he was clipped on with his safety ...
    Published on 11-19-2017 06:24 PM
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    Mollo ... my non troppo

    Since Saturday and at least until Monday, François Gabart is wedged in the back of the depression that opens the road to the east. Finally, stalled ... The trimaran MACIF jumps rather in a well formed sea, which forces him to ...
    Published on 11-18-2017 02:54 PM

    St Michel-Virbac breaks record to win Transat Jacques Vabre Imoca class

    Jean-Pierre Dick and Yann Eliès on St Michel-Virbac, have won the Imoca class of the 13th edition of the Transat Jacques ...
    Published on 11-18-2017 12:05 PM
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    Dick coasting to record win as Anglo-Spanish duo re-take lead

    Jean-Pierre Dick and Yann Eliès on St Michel – Virbac were a few miles away from a record-breaking victory in the Imoca class of the 13th edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre tonight (Saturday, November 18) and were expected to cross the finish line in Salvador de Bahia around 19:30 UTC.

    Victory will make Dick the only person in the history of this bi-annual double-handed Route du Café, in any class, to have won four times. Dick, the 52-year-old skipper from Nice, won the Imoca class in 2003, 2005 and 2011.

    A 19:30 UTC finish would also mean that Dick and Eliès will set a new record for the Transat Jacques ...
    Published on 11-17-2017 02:10 PM
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    Volvo Ocean Race teams leverage up with crucial 24 hours ahead

    Leg Two of the Volvo Ocean Race is entering a critical tactical phase this weekend as the teams position themselves to pick up the weather systems that will carry them to Cape Town..

    A 130 nautical mile lateral split has opened up in the Volvo Ocean Race fleet on Friday as the teams trade off better wind with shorter distance in a bid to get to Cape Town first.

    Bouwe Bekking's Team Brunel were today the most westerly boat having gybed onto starboard at 0900 UTC, with Vestas 11th ...
    Published on 11-17-2017 10:39 AM
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    All in the Same Boat

    It’s a tradition among the finishers in the Mini-Transat La Boulangère. Having barely set foot on the pontoon, the newcomer is treated to an impromptu dunking in the waters of the cove of Le Marin, helped along by their predecessors of course. And when the winner turns up, there are always a few former Mini sailors to carry on the tradition.

    Ultimately, this forced dunking is perhaps a symbol of a class in which there aren’t really any untouchable stars where, whatever your ranking, everyone is on a par with everyone else. As such, perhaps it’s no coincidence that it attracts so many overseas sailors, despite the fact that singlehanded racing struggles ...
    Published on 11-17-2017 09:58 AM
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    On Thursday, François Gabart entered the Indian Ocean in a record time of 12 days, 22 hours, and 20 minutes. This Friday he is taking advantage of calmer weather to rest up and give his boat a once over. The MACIF skipper seemed very confident this Friday morning, telling us about the sensations on board, his intimate knowledge of his boat and about his strategy for the Indian Ocean.

    How were the first 13 days of this record attempt and how did the fast sail down ...
    Published on 11-16-2017 10:37 AM
    Article Preview

    Lalou Roucayrol (France) and Alex Pella (Spain) on their 50ft trimaran, Arkema have won the Multi50 class of the 13th edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre after crossing the finish line in the Bay of All Saints in Salvador de Bahia on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 07:49:19 (UTC), 10 days 19 hours 14 minutes and 19 seconds after ...
    Published on 11-16-2017 10:20 AM
    Article Preview

    Less than two days after pulverising his own 24-hour distance record (851 miles), François Gabart crossed the longitude of Cape Agulhas on Thursday morning at 08.25 AM (UTC+1), which marks the entrance to the Indian ...
    Published on 11-15-2017 04:22 PM
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    World Sailing releases report on Gulari Incident and Injury

    World Sailing produced two injury reports this summer after high profile incidents while training and racing. One of those ...
    Published on 11-15-2017 03:34 PM
    Article Preview

    Lalou Roucayrol and his Spanish co-skipper Alex Pella, on Arkema are due to arrive in the Savaldor de Bahia at around 07:00 UTC on Thursday morning to win the Multi50 class of the 13th edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre. That would smash the race record to Salvador for the Multi50 by over four days.

    The race has also confirmed Pella’s thoughts in Le Havre on the quality of the boats and how competitive the Multi50 has become.

    At the 15:00 UTC ranking, Arkema had 331 miles to go to the finish in the Bay of All Saints and were 127 miles ahead of FenêtréA-Mix Buffet. Both were reaching at 23 knots in 15-17-knot westerlies off Recife, north-east Brazil.

    Latest ETAs

    Ultime: Prince de Bretagne – Thursday, November 16 at 01:00 UTC
    Published on 11-15-2017 03:09 PM
    Article Preview

    At 18:15 UTC, Maxi80 Prince de Bretagne dismasted just 93 miles from the finish line of the Transat Jacques Vabre in Salvador ...
    Published on 11-15-2017 12:37 PM
    Article Preview

    Make way for the young...

    - Le Marin awaits the arrival of the two youngest skippers in the race, Keni Piperol and Erwan Le Draoulec

    - A hotly disputed podium in the production boat category

    - The tricks to sailing in convoy

    Amidst all the fanfare of the finish, the race continues... Indeed, there have been a succession of arrivals in the port of Le Marin, but for the overwhelming majority of the racers, there are still ...
    Published on 11-15-2017 12:09 PM
    Article Preview

    Halfway home - the race to Cape Town enters a new phase
    The charge south continues at speed on Wednesday as the second leg of the Volvo Ocean Race reached its approximate halfway mark...

    November 15, 2017 15:18 UTC
    Written by Will Carson

    The seven international teams all now have less than 3,200 nautical miles left in the 7,000-mile stage from the Portugal capital of Lisbon to Cape Town, South Africa.

    The south-easterly tradewinds that blow south of the Equator remained kind to the fleet, allowing rapid reaching conditions ...
    Published on 11-15-2017 10:18 AM
    Article Preview

    François Gabart beats the record of distance traveled in 24h alone!

    A mythical bar has just fallen: traveling 851 *miles from Monday to Tuesday afternoon, a figure that could still evolve in the evening, François Gabart, who pressed the throttle trimaran MACIF to avoid being caught ...

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