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  1. Dear Mr. Ballard Sailor,
    I've been watching you. Pressure Drop is a neat site. Just wanted to let you know that your efforts are appreciated. I get more information that I care about from you than the big dominant SA to your South.
    We are the i550 source for info and plans. Isolated WAAAY out in the south of Colorado just west of the Divide. Lately we've gotten a couple inquiries for full builds to finish paint stage, no hardware, no spar, no trailer, no deck gear. The estimate we've sent on to those guys is $16,000. I'm bouncing this off of you for non public feed back about price. PM me with thoughts if you care to.
    Almost 450 plan sets around the world to date. the PNW is a strong area for us.
    Tim Reiter
    Watershed Sailboats
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