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July Cruise Day 7

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July Cruise PNW Day 7
Port Ludlow to Port Townsend

Its after July 5th, remember, so the day dawned Sunny once again with a great 14 knot northerly to help us sail against the 12 incoming tide and give us perfect views across the water of the Olympics and Mt. Baker. Weve been out on the boat for 7 days now and its time we do some provisioning, laundry, get some diesel and pump out the head - Port Townsend and the reciprocal moorage from Port Townsend Yacht Club at the Boat Haven marina seems the perfect place for this to happen.

We manage to sail from Port Ludlow up past the south end of Marrowstone Island but with the major incoming current against us and the Northerly getting fluky behind the island we once again, rolled up the jib, fired up the iron genoa and motor-sailed ourselves up around the light house at the north east corner of the island. Along the way we pass a house that both of us think has got to be one of the oddest looking pieces of architecture weve ever seen - reminding Jennifer more of an ice cream cake than a house.

The Marrowstone light house is always a joy to round, not just for the views but just making it by with all the water moving into Puget Sound always amazes me. Once we round the point the Northerly builds back up, the jib rolls out, diesel gets turned off and out comes the cheese and crackers - this is a civilized sailboat by the way.

Port Townsend is one of those spots that you can sail into and feel like youve been taken back in time. Wood boats are sailing everywhere, the old red brick buildings along the waterfront are adorned with ornamental facades, and people just drop anchor right off the city for the night, just like youd imagine happening 100 years ago.

We arrive in Boat Haven, put the sails away and contact the Harbormaster for a slip assignment, C16 on your starboard side as you first enter the marina in the Commercial basin. Easy stuff; just as we enter the marina there is the spot! As we tie up the boat we realize that it must be at least 15 degrees hotter in the marina than out on the water. Seems they are protected from the cool winds off the straits. I swim the dog while Jennifer checks in with the Harbormaster, once again - no charges with our reciprocal moorage! Once were settled into our slip we walk across the main drag to the grocery to provision up our boat. Soon we are walking back across to the marina with a cart full of provisions for our next adventure, food, beer, a new crab cracker, and tonic for the nightly rum and tonic cocktail in the cockpit. Wed had enough of the towns heat by this point and decide we should just head out onto the bay, set the crab pot and sit around reading our books while the crab pot does all the work for us. By early evening we make it back in to the marina for the night; our neighbor had thought we left without our El Toro (we left it at the dock while crabbing) and was imagining the arguments we where having about who to blame for leaving it! A nice evening walk to the store for things we forgot on the first trip done with, we climbed into our now cool bunks thinking of the weekends fun at Fort Flagler.

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