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July Cruise Day 1 & 2

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July Cruise 2010
Day’s one and two
Port Madison and Poulsbo

The 4th of July and the start of our month of cruising aboard our Wasa 38 ‘Vanadis’. We actually left on the second from Shilshole and motored over to Port Madison for the night, rafting up with some friends, ‘Hagar’ and ‘Truffle Hunter’ just off PMYC.

We spent the evening swimming the dogs off the clubhouse, crabbing off the mouth of the bay for Dungeness and Red Rock and playing Sorry in the Yacht club. Port Madison Yacht club is a humble, low key place, Sailboats only, with a good story about it’s beginning. Seems years ago a group was making home brew at the same location. When it was discovered that their home brewing group may be disbanded (I would think maybe by their wives) they brought in the kids and spent their extra time teaching them to Sail. I think this may be the origination of the often heard phrase “It’s for the kids...”

Port Madison (locally known as Hidden Cove) is a very easy trip from Seattle for the night in a quiet protected anchorage. 1 hour and 45 minutes after leaving Shilshole you can find yourself surrounded by old wood boats, historic houses from the Log Mill day’s, PMYC and the STYC outstation along with the new city dock between the two (although you can’t stay the night at this one). If your lucky enough to have reciprocal Moorage at PMYC they’ve a good 60’ of dock space available, as long as you don’t draw too much and there isn’t a low tide predicted during your stay. So anyway, back to the game of Sorry being played in the Yacht Club - Mid game some more friends, Noj and Pam, made an appearance, joining our raft up with their boat.

Saturday Dawned and it was off to Poulsbo for the regular raft up and the 3rd of July fireworks (they do fireworks on the 3rd in Poulsbo and then everyone heads off that night or in the morning to their own 4th of July events). The Raft up in Port Madison broke up Mid morning and we headed out to retrieve our Crab pot from just outside the Mouth of the Bay. One Red Rock crab latter we had the sails up heading for Agate Pass. We made it almost to the bridge before the following Breeze crapped out with the current against us it was time to motor. We motored for a good 1/4 mile before sailing again, catching up to our raft partners from the night before on the inside of Bainbridge Island. After sailing a circle around one lucky raft partner... we headed for Liberty bay in a softening breeze, dropping the Crab pot on the way in (to be retrieved later that night, with nothing in it this time...). Soon after the pot was over the side, the Southerly came back up and it was smooth sailing the rest of the way into the Bay. We took a tour of the anchored boats under sail, one of my favorite 3rd of July activities. On the way through we ran across our friends on Hagar who had just finished their tour of the fleet under sail. Seems I’m not the only one that enjoy’s that activity.

Once again the Poulsbo fireworks where in perfect order, the bay was filled with anchored boats, and the evening thermal came up, albeit a little later than normal. We where able to sail our El Toro and our friends Minto’s around the bay. The Dog’s enjoyed a few trips to the beach (thank you Tom and Judy), and we woke the next morning in the same spot we went to sleep in.

Photo's by Kirk Utter.

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