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Ballard Sailor

July Cruise Day 19

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July PNW Cruise Day 19
Bellingham to Eagle Harbor on Cypress Island.

After a late night with friends in Bellingham we woke to fog, but this time only in our heads... The winds piped up again out of the south and we had a great sail out of Bellingham bay, passing two tall ships on the way out that looked to be heading into the harbor for provisions and a M26 motoring in behind them. You never know what you’ll see out sailing on Bellingham bay! Taking Derek’s advice we changed our plans from Cypress head to Eagle Harbor, same island but different bay. Oh and we were glad we did. Cypress Island is a DNR site and has camping, trails and buoys in various places around the island. Eagle harbor, situated on the North end just inside of the Cone Islands, is amazing. Free buoys everywhere you can think of (although some in shallow water).

We pulled in, found a buoy, decided it would be too shallow in the morning at low tide and then moved over to one that was situated a bit deeper. Then a trip to shore to see the trail maps and let MacIntosh take his daily swim. No Hiking tonight as we had gotten a late start but this Island is a hiker’s mecca! There are trails everywhere, good camping and protected anchorages. The story on the free buoys here is that Eagle harbor is full of this extendo crab grass, reaching up from the bottom a good 4’. The DNR decided that people anchoring in this bay were destroying this unique crab grass with their anchors setting, dragging, and pulling out the grass on every swing. So to combat this they put in enough buoys for everyone and made them free so people would use them instead of anchoring in the now tight anchorage due to all the buoy’s. Good plan, It wasn’t a full bay when we were there but no one was anchored.

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