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Ballard Sailor

July Cruise Day 21

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July PNW Cruise Day 21
Oak Harbor - Coupville for Lunch - Oak Harbor

Allison Trunkey took the wheel and we went out sailing with friends. The forecast for today was grey skies and southerly breeze building to a possible gale out of the west. Not the best day for a pleasure sail with friends in Penn Cove but we figured we’d poke our heads out of the bay, grab our crab pot we had set the night before (only one crab, I guess they don’t really like canned Salmon...) and then if things look good head over to Coupeville for Toby’s famous Mussels.

Ellan, Ryan, Reeve and Roxy drove up from Seattle for the day (and got our one crab for their trouble) joining us for a day on the water. And it worked out perfectly. Amazingly the southerly held all day, something that rarely happens up here. We never had to deal with the forecast gale out of the west that never materialized, had a great lunch of Halibut and Chips with a big bowl of Mussels on the side. Perfect afternoon sail with friends, followed by another night in the tent with all our other sailing/racing crowd. Thanks for the fun times in Oak Harbor!

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