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July PNW Cruise Day 27

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July PNW Cruise Day 27
Matia Island to Stuart Island - Reid Harbor

We left Matia early in order to sail across the top of the San Juans towards Stuart Island. With the current with us past Sucia and Waldren we made good time and eventually had to reef the mainsail down again in order to sail to weather around the Southeast end of Stuart and into Reid Harbor for the night.

As we sailed into Reid Harbor we found Lady Washington, now becoming a fixture in our cruise, at anchor off the state park. We found an empty park buoy at the head of the bay and then hit the beach for a hike over to the Turn Point Lighthouse.

The hike up over the Island is about 3 miles up past the small island school and the open honor system Island Library and small vendor stand with clothing and cards for purchase, again on the honor system. Jennifer picked up some cards and a pre-addressed envelope for payment when we got near a mailbox.

We finally made it across the island, after MacIntosh finished chasing the local Deer away from the road, and we found a beautiful old caretakers house, small museum and modern automated lighthouse on the point. Great information about the history of the lighthouse, it’s caretakers and the local Orca Pods can be found in the small volunteer museum. It was fun to recognize the same last names at the lighthouse that we saw in the pictures at the small schoolhouse on the walk over.

We had a great walk back across the island, up over the hill, past the local grass airfield and small school house - finally back to the boat. Our legs were stiff from the walk but it felt great to expend some energy and use some muscles you don’t use much when sailing a boat around.

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