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July PNW Cruise Day 28

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July PNW Cruise Day 28
Stuart Island to Sidney, British Columbia

We rounded the Southwest end of Stuart Island early Thursday morning in order to head across Haro Straits to clear customs at Sidney and then hopefully find a reciprocal spot at Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club for much needed showers and contacting the modern world on their wifi.

The Haro Straits proved lumpy, grey and windy for the crossing. We threw in a reef and reached across, main only, until we reached the other side and in the protection of the small islands leading to Sidney, shook the reef, rolled out the jib and eventually had to ghost through the islands past Sidney Spit where we found the breeze again and finished with a great reach into the customs dock. On the reach across Haro Straits we got a fly-by by a multi-hull that would be competing at the upcoming Cowichan Bay regatta during the coming weekend.

After clearing customs into Canada we wandered through the crowded harbor, running across this very interesting boat that looked more like a truck camper on a raft that was ready to tip over...

Finally we found the entrance to the yacht clubs marina and made it in to raft up next to another sailboat, got our showers and rest before continuing on to Cowichan Bay the next day. SNSYC is a beautiful welcoming club with a great deck, bar and restaurant for their members and guests enjoyment.

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