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The Horses Mouth

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John Rouse has been secretly stashing some of the best water related bits and pieces in his blog,

The Horses Mouth

John's all set to provide Pressure Drop readers with his intriguing outlook on all things aquatic, enjoy!

Welcome aboard John!
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  1. 's Avatar
    He's been doing this for over four years. It's not a secret.
  2. h2ojoe's Avatar
    I do have a brother named Sean, which is the Irish version of John. But the last time I checked, my name was Joe. Let me take a good look at my name tag.......yes, it does say Joe on it. So my name is Joe, not John. Can I have a bourbon now?
  3. buster_hymen's Avatar
    what if you look at your name tag upside down ina mirror, after the bourbon, then what does it say?
  4. h2ojoe's Avatar
    I'll get back to after I do some research this weekend. Has anyone seen my bottle?