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Weekend 1 done - the jig

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Here's a photo of the jig. You really don't need one for stitch and glue, but I could not figure out how to dimension the panels from the plans. So I made a jig and I'll just do stitch and glue over it. One idea occurs - perhaps I can use masking tape instead of stitches (since I have a jig to hold it on) so that I don't need to drill a bazillion holes in the boat. Should save time too.
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  1. Wet Spreaders's Avatar
    Failed to find 4mm okume ply today. Looks like a trip to Mac Beath in Berkeley in my future.
  2. Ballard Sailor's Avatar
    Nice, what are you going to line it with so the glue doesn't stick to the jig?
  3. Wet Spreaders's Avatar
    Easy - the stringers are not in the corners where the glue is!

    I already glued the seams and plugged the holes - next up is some glass cloth.