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  1. New York Arrival

    From the morning editions of NPR: Clicky

    Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Arrives In New York After Sailing The Atlantic
  2. Update Malizia Atlantic Voyage August 16

    "School strike week 52.
    Pos 47 degrees 17 minutes north and 13 degrees 17 minutes west"

  3. Greta And Boris's Great Adventure Commences

    Greta Thunberg and her father Svante Thunberg accompanied by their host and skipper Boris Herrmann. | TEAM MALIZIA

    Voiles et...
  4. Bold 16 Eco Activist To Sail With Boris Across Atlantic To Attend UN Climate Summit

    Story By DAVID KEYTON AND FRANK JORDANS ABC News/Associated Press

    Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager whose social...
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