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  1. Giovanni Soldini and Maserati abandon record attempt in North Atlantic

    “We have decided to abandon our North Atlantic record attempt.” It was with these words that Giovanni Soldini and his...
  2. Maserati's Path

    Current Conditions

    24 hour
  3. October 21 Update

    Giovanni Soldini explains the situation: “These have been a very intense couple of days aboard Maserati. We started off very well but the first gate barely 12 hours out was tough going and we had 12...
  4. Maserati Accelerates: Now Ahead Of Mari Cha's Record

    Maserati made up precious miles as she flew through the night at 24 knots
    Now Giovanni Soldini and his crew have a crucial date with a cold front in 24 hours’ time

  5. Soldini Making Tracks

    After 12 exhausting hours, Maserati finally catches some wind
    A battle against time for Giovanni Soldini and his team
  6. Soldini Departs For Trans Atlantic Record Attempt

    Giovani Soldini and crew have left the dock in New York and are about to begin yet another attempt to gain the Trans Atlantic...
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