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  1. A Finish With A Flurry

    OCTOBER 24, 2019
    Not so Elusive after all
    The 40th edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race has continued to provide plenty of...
  2. ORMA 60 Ad Maiora Abandoned In Middle Sea Race
    40 ROLEX MIDDLE SEA RACE:Ad Maiora Abandoned

    After having suffered serious damage to the hull on the left, the crew of the...
  3. The Great Sicilian Wind Shadow Devours Middle Sea Fleet

    October 21, 2019
    NEWSFLASH – George David’s American Maxi Rambler takes Monohull Line Honours.
    NEWSFLASH – Rolex Middle Sea...

    2019 | Rolex Middle Sea Race - Day 3 AM

    21 October 0900 CEST DAY 3 AM Report

    Rambler turns south – snakes and ladders...
  5. Malta Eases The Rolex Middle Sea Racers Into A Mellow Initial Stage

    October 19, 2019
    2019 | 40th Race Underway
    The 2019 Rolex Middle Sea Race, the 40th edition of the 606nm classic offshore, set...
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