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Thread: Miami scheduled on next Volvo Ocean Race

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    Miami scheduled on next Volvo Ocean Race

    "The regatta Volvo Ocean ", one of the powers of sailboats most prestigious worldwide, will be held in Miami in 2012, as announced by the Mayor of this city, Tomás Regalado and Commissioner Marc Sarnoff city.
    Competition "Volvo Ocean" is the only career sailing visiting ports around the world and has received offers from more than 80 cities to host.

    "We have evaluated these offers carefully before reaching our final decisions and we are very pleased to have Miami. We are confident that the city shine to a global audience, "said Knut Frostad, chairman of Volvo.

    "The Race 'Volvo Ocean' is undoubtedly the main competition to sail around the world and is a great honor that Miami has been selected for a regulatory scales," said Commissioner Sarnoff.

    In the 2012 competition, the ports are: Alicante, Spain, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Cape Town, South Africa, Lisbon, Portugal; Lorient, France, Galway, Ireland and Miami, Florida, USA

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    What, no Pacific ports? Or is that list short a few cities?

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    Was that machine translated?

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    Did Boston put in any bid?

    Thought the last round was pretty successful even though the in port suffered from light air. Course was accessible and the in harbor demo race drew a good crowd and breeze.

    Realize Boston is strapped for cash but isn't every US city?Ttogether with some Tall ships the VOR drew a lot of people and their $$$ to the waterfront.

    So appeal to the South and Latin American communities is the rationale for Miami? Perhaps INS is sponsoring and using the event as a magnet to the community and have ships standing by for massive deportations.

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    I just hope Miami puts in more effort than the last time they had it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redboat View Post
    Did Boston put in any bid?
    do you recall what Boston did with the tall ships this year? boston, in its usual tone, expects to be paid and worshiped for the privilege of anchoring next to a sewage processing plant.


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    This thread has a "bikini's" tag on it. Am I the only one bothered by their omission?

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