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Thread: Paul Oliva Disarms Daly's Elitist Claims:

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    Paul Oliva Disarms Daly's Elitist Claims:

    Bravo Paul!

    "As the San Francisco Board of Supervisors prepares to deliberate on the city's bid to host the America's Cup, there are a couple of important matters that need a little perspective. Namely, elitism and bowling shoes.

    During a recent committee hearing, Supervisor Eric Mar said he knew the cost to put on bowling shoes and rent lanes, but not how a working-class or low-income family from the Mission or Tenderloin could sail. "How can they participate and benefit?"

    The answer, Mr. Mar: It takes a couple of hours. No charge. You can even get paid.

    BAADs HQ at Pier 40

    Every weekend, the Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors offers free sailboat rides and training on colorful small boats and big boats. The program is open to those with and without disabilities, and they need volunteers to keep sailing. It's the best way to experience sailing in McCovey Cove, and it's free (although it takes practice to snag a baseball from a sailboat).

    In addition, there are tall ships, Sea Scouts and community sailing and yacht club programs that need volunteer hands, eyes and hearts.

    Many events around the bay offer free sailboat rides, including Summer Sailstice and the Sausalito SailFest.

    The not-so-obvious truth: Community sailing is cheaper than bowling and is certainly not elitist.

    An elitist gathering at Treasure Island Sailing Center

    The Treasure Island Sailing Center says it "never turns a child away." It's a year-round program for all ages with no membership requirements that emphasizes full community involvement through unlimited scholarships. We aren't talking a few families per year; more than 10,000 people have sailed with the Treasure Island center since 1999.

    Kids, just wanna have fun

    Compared with many after-school, weekend and summer camp programs in other sports, the cost of sailing at the center is already low - from $20 to $300 - and 75 percent of kids get scholarships. Free services go to families on government assistance or with household income of $25,000 or less; partial scholarships go to families with incomes of less than $65,000.

    The Glide Foundation in the Tenderloin alone got 200 kids sailing at Treasure Island last summer. Glide's Paul Chilvers said the center has "changed the lives of our children by showing them a world they would never be able to see."

    Some kids keep going. Just three years ago, 13-year-old Sam Melero of Oakland started sailing and is now into advanced racing and looks to become a junior instructor when he turns 16.

    His mom, Molly Hill, has seen remarkable growth in Sam's self-confidence; the skills, responsibility and self-assurance he's learned from sailing spread into his daily routine of cleaning up, helping others, feeling pride in his work: "The sense of independence, mastering sailing skills and being in the heart of the beautiful bay seem to be just what adolescents need."

    Dry Sailing at Lake Merritt Sailing Center

    Community sailing programs ring the bay. Lake Merritt Boating Center in Oakland is one of more than two dozen offering low-cost lessons and rentals for families.

    "Low cost" at Lake Merritt - $8 to $15 per hour - means less than a pair of bowling shoes and lane rental.

    So, Mr. Mar, the opportunities are great for families of all incomes and backgrounds.

    A former Lake Merritt Sailing Center graduate poses with a young lady still reaching for the stars

    Whether or not the America's Cup transforms the waterfront, San Francisco Recreation and Parks General Manager Phil Ginsburg has a transformative vision. He has created a Leisure Services Division focusing on adventure activities such as sailing, and he sees the America's Cup providing a platform for community sailing participation the way golf's President's Cup generated funds and participation in First Tee programs for kids around the city.

    "Sailing should be more embedded in the fabric of our communities," Ginsburg says. "There's not a kid in San Francisco who's not 15 or 20 minutes from a marina."

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    Thank you Paul!

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    The local news says Daly is seeking the interim Mayors office.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Tuna View Post
    The local news says Daly is seeking the interim Mayors office.
    Please tell me you're kidding.


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    He also wants a penis for Christmas.

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    C D is so lonely, he goes to the airport for free TSA patdowns

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