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Thread: 2010 - Aus. National Multihull Regatta / Wangi

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    2010 - Aus. National Multihull Regatta / Wangi

    2010: Sunday 21 Nov. to Friday 26 Nov.

    Wangi RSL Amateur Sailing Club link.HTM
    Measurement 11/20 09:00-15:00
    Racing starts 11/21

    The list of entrants may get posted after a bit.
    It looks like a nice place to sail.

    2006 pictures

    link.PIC Bare Essentials
    link.PIC Voodoo Spirit
    link.PIC Seawind 1000
    link.PIC a Div2 start, Sprint750's C-28R's etc

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    Recent TCF x are listed below. The boats racing are
    not listed, some of the below may be on the course.

    TCF.OMR Update Name Type
    0.795 20-Nov-10 Aeolus F 24
    0.831 20-Nov-10 Big Bird Grainger MTB 920
    0.820 20-Nov-10 COCOLOCO F24.MkII.mod
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    Slacky, can you contact Mr Mayo and see if he could send a few larger selects over?

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Prelim.Results Race 1 & 2

    The updated list of boats racing is shown below.
    There are about thirty (30) boats in three (3) divisions.

    Preliminary results from Race 1 & Race 2 are online
    from the Wangi RSL Amateur Sailing Club (link.HTM)

    APC Logistics Multihull Regatta 2010 (link.htm)

    TCF Design Name
    1.112 Grainger Maxi Trailable Cat Mad Max
    1.098 Egan VOODOO SPIRIT
    1.026 Egan Two Tribes
    1.019 Grainger Bare Essentials
    0.985 Grainger Indian Chief
    0.961 Lynx 8.8 Foxy
    0.938 Nusa.Tiger9 Lukim Yu
    0.915 F9R Mod WILPARINA 11
    0.866 Tri7m The Experiment
    0.861 Farrier F-9R Hawkeye
    0.853 F-82R Mod The Tribe
    0.848 Corsair Dash 750 Dash
    0.844 Sprint 750 Scharnhorst
    0.844 Farrier F31 Frazld
    0.837 Farrier F-9A Goldfinger
    0.834 Grainger MTB 920 Big Bird
    0.824 Multi 23 Emu Chic
    0.822 Sprint 750 Zorro 2
    0.820 F24mod COCOLOCO
    0.820 Corsair Sprint 750 Louie Da Tri
    0.814 Farrier F82R Aquilo
    0.811 F82R Sea Flight
    0.802 F24 Free Spirit
    0.795 F 24 Aeolus
    0.792 Multi23 Emu Chic
    0.782 Farrier F24 Off the rails
    0.744 C24 Normal Variant
    0.744 George Bulka Skedaddle Wide
    0.688 Farrier 680 Rainbow Connection
    0.677 Windrush 600 Beans
    0.668 OstacTramp Coco

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    Quote Originally Posted by Photoboy View Post
    Slacky, can you contact Mr Mayo and see if he could send a few larger selects over?

    The only gentleman I know racing @Wangi does excel.TCF's, not pictures.

    Julie Geldard of Jules Marine Art does nice pictures; she
    ~might be taking pictures this year.

    2009 Aus.Nationals: link.PICS

    Santa Barbara has nice weather today, chilly, clear,
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    E-MarineWorld has a gallery with ~180 pictures of the 2010 Australian Multihull Nationals;
    it's facebook link.HTM

    Separately, I asked the gentlemen
    if I could post some of their pics.

    Dash 750 video, downwind in a breeze near the club link.U-Tube
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    Multi23, "Emu Chic", pictures follow from the 2010 Australian Nationals at Wangi RSL Amateur Sailing Club.
    The pictures are courtesy of Tony Considine of Australia.

    © 2010 Tony Considine, APC Mad Max Grainger Maxi Trailerable

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    Video, downwind with a breeze, a few boats lighting it up w/asyms,

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    The Farrier TrailerTri Fleet raced around looking sharp.

    The Sprint 750 can get a bit of speed on and bow down in a breeze, something about mast height:

    The Corsair F-24 MkII will roar around the course with a reef:

    The album with all pics is here (Link.HTM Photobucket)

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    Sprint 750 breaking waves,

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