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Thread: Blokart rules: Port/Starboard vs. "Right Hand rule"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ludicrous Speed View Post
    I do agree aA, is learning basic sailing rules any more difficult? These Blokarts easily go 50 mph on dry lake beds in moderate wind. Closing speeds can be as high as 80mph!!! The consequence of unclear rules at those speeds are serious!!! Who believes that learning when the wind is on the right or starboard side of the craft that you have the right away vs. craft on the other "tack" is too difficult to learn? The benefits of the system allow for very close and safe racing. Why go in some radical new direction and alienate the sport of Blokarting from the world of sailing? In essence, this is what is happening in some regions.

    Blokarts needs an International Standard on the basic rules, consistent across all events.
    At lease we don't use Larboard anymore for Port.

    It's really easy Starboard has lots of letters just like Right. Left and Port both have 4 letters. That's how I learned it when I was 12 years old.

    It seems to me that the Whole World of Land/Ice Sailing needs a World Governing body. If you do not watch out ISAF will try to grab the whole world of Land and Ice Sailing and then we will really be Fucked.

    If new sailors cannot learn the difference between Port and Starboard, How can they learn Tack and Jibe??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zipped View Post
    I disagree, going downwind, the boat on your right can be covering your wind. The rules of sailing are set so that you don't further disadvantage a boat. It would suck to have someone who's stealing your wind converge on you with more speed than you and then give you a foul.
    An old post I know... but I see perhaps some misconceptions around current blokart rules???
    The windward sailor must still keep clear when sailing on the same tack. It is only on opposing tacks that the right-hand rule applies - therefore I don't see any big disadvantage for "give way to right" - it's just that it's different to current sailing rules.
    I actually agree with blokart rules being based on existing sailing rules (where possible) - but more important to me is getting all to agree on common rules across the sport. The sailing rules have evolved over many years - but that does not necessarily make them the best, easiest and fairest. I would imagine making any changes to international sailing rules would be nigh on impossible - therefore how much evolution and development has actually occured? With the new sport of Blokarting we have a chance to set rules that are the best easiest and fairest - not necessary locked into conventions set a long time ago for very different type of craft.

    The other specific blokart sailing rule being widely used is downwind gives way to upwind - that has come from experience with a lot of fast racing in very confined spaces to find what has worked best. Don't think this one is currently included in IBRA rules but one that I think is likely to be added in the future - particular for tight windward/leeward courses.

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