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Thread: 2010 Pressure Drop W.A.F.I. Contest

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    2010 Pressure Drop W.A.F.I. Contest

    The 2010 Pressure Drop W.A.F.I. AWARDS Contest is now open.

    There are 4 categories to enter, only one entry per member per category, take your best shot!

    Best Video

    Best Photo

    Best Headline

    Best Original Non Fiction Story

    We recently came across the term "w.a.f.i." via a posting by ninerslr, who uses the term as the name
    of his 49er Skiff. It's a derogatory term used mostly by fishermen, power boaters and captains of large ships to describe sailors doing things they deem inappropriate.
    Crossing too close in front of a freighter doing 15-20 knots is a good example, wrapping your kite around a day marker is another, smashing your cat into a quay wall is another.
    The list is long, but you get the idea. In that spirit, we would like to see what YOU can dig up from the plethora of videos, photos, headlines or stories which abound out there, on the interweb or you own special collection.

    Add your favorite funny, bone-head maneuver, incident, mistake, whoopsee, or "ruh-roh" moment *
    involving sailing or wind assisted sports from the past year into a post below. Entries accepted until December 24th 2010.
    Voting by P.D. members will occur December 25 through December 31. Each Category winner shall receive a Genuine ® Pressure Drop Tee Shirt.
    Grand Prize winner, will receive a Genuine ® Pressure Drop Hoody! Have fun and good luck!

    *incidents involving death, permanent injury, dismemberment or minors, while may seem funny to some, may be edited or eliminated at editors discretion.

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    WAFI is the name of a bad ass mini that's coming to the bay area to be sailed by a bad ass sailor. Exhibit 1.

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    At 10:27 is a man celebrating completing his 100th mackinac race combined from both sides and the little shit next to him is yours truly celebrating my first win

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    We have a crew member who was in the marines and was involved with explosives and he has shared his interest with us on many occasions. One of the things he liked to do was to make dry ice bombs. A dry ice bomb is made by putting chunks of dry ice into a plastic soda bottle, adding some water, capping the bottle and waiting for it to explode. You have to use a soda bottle because they are designed to hold the pressure from carbonation which allows the bottle to hold a lot of pressure before it finally bursts. There was a Mackinac race a couple years ago that was very, very slow. We were still a day away from the island at the pace we were moving and the water was flat as glass. Well, our marine friend went down below and started chipping away at the remaining dry ice. We had no idea what he was doing and he just told us to watch. He made the thing and threw it overboard. We waited and shortly we could hear what sounded like plastic stretching. A little bit later and the thing exploded with a loud boom. We were so excited by it that we convinced him to use the rest of our used bottles to make two more. When we finally did make it to the island we were talking to some other crews at the party and they said that the evening before they had finished that they swore that they could hear the gun going off at the finish even though they were miles away while we smirked because we knew that they had heard us.

    Among the other things our marine likes to play with are potato guns. He brought one onto the boat and we used it for a few years until the PVC became brittle and the thing cracked after a night of heavy use. This guy was serious about it, he even had a rifled barrel for the old one that made it much more accurate but hurt the distance we could fire it. Well, a new one was created and it was much better. It has a 4" diameter combustion chamber and a 2" diameter barrel with a carbon stop at the end to ensure the potato was all the way to the bottom of the barrel. We played with this thing all the time, before races, after races and when waiting around under postponement. At night was the best time because you could see flames come out of the end of the 5' long barrel and if you put the whole thing in the dark you could see the flame front travel down it as the thing would light up. One of our other crew members found some cheap glow-sticks online and we would core out the potatoes and stick a glow-stick in there and watch the potatoes fly off into the distance.

    One night this year after racing they were playing with the thing and since it was nearing the end of the season they were trying to get their fill for the winter. Saturday morning they were at the boat to get ready for the race that day and they were approached by a man and were asked if they had a potato gun. Without going into details, apparently one of the shots that was made a couple nights before had traveled 100ft, hit a slatted fiberglass door, went between the overlapping slats without damaging them(they must have flexed), traveled another 10-20' and shattered a piece of plexiglass on the powerboat behind the door. A $900 bill later and we now need a new potato gun since the one that caused the damage "mysteriously vanished"

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    The good, the bad, and the ugly

    The good;

    well, let's just skip the bad and go straight for the ugly;

    Pointing like a traffic cop, footin like a track star.

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    The good, the bad, and the ugly

    The good;
    (quantum makes the fugliest sails IMHO but watching this dude keep the keel under the rig in the first gybe is badass!)

    well, let's just skip the bad and go straight for the ugly;

    Pointing like a traffic cop, footin like a track star.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rainier View Post

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    I started working on Tugs with Z-drives a few months ago and quickly learned of the term WAFI.
    Well, I've got one for them: DAFI--Drive assisted F... idiots. Just add duck at the end and the picture is complete...

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