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Thread: 2010 Kings Cup, Phuket Thailand Monohulls and Multihulls

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    2010 Kings Cup, Phuket Thailand Monohulls and Multihulls

    results overall: link
    results x race: link

    The racing divisions included:
    IRC, Premier, Bareboat Charter, Classics
    FireFly 850 (28' 2,200 lb catamarans x one-design) &
    Multihulls (texel.AUS OMR ratings).

    Event site

    News / Pictures LINK
    A storm came through on the later day(s) of the racing, with wind pushing anchored boats up on the beach.

    The Corsair 37 corrected ahead of the Seacart30. The Corsair 37 is the background boat in the below picture. The foreground boat is an Alan Carwardine 12.6m catamaran, "Sidewinder".

    © 2010 Guy Nowell

    I ~think Sidewinder may have came out of the same molds as the Andaman Cabriolet (link),
    specs .link
    drawing .link

    Firefly 850's raced one-design. A few pages of Firefly 850 pictures are on Mark Pescott's site (link PICS)

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    The Firefly 850 Fleet at a start,

    The picture is from the start of another race.

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