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Thread: Rumour Mongering 1-A

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    Rumour Mongering 1-A

    "We have heard there will be another announcement in Newport at 1400hsr local time Sunday and another on Monday"

    This note, sent by an informed source early today, may signal the beginning of a new era of America's Cup involvement for Newport, R.I, where the premier yachting match-racing event was held between 1930 and 1983.

    It may also bring an end to San Francisco's hopes of hosting the event, less than a week after city officials there voted unanimously to approve a hosting proposal. The next and final step in the proposal process was presumed to be the acceptance and signing of the proposal by Larry Ellison's BMW/Oracle racing team, the most recent winner and current defender of the America's Cup, and the Golden Gate Yacht Club, the official defending club.

    But somewhere during San Francisco's Board of Supervisor's final round of hearings and final vote full-board meeting in mid-December, an unexpected last-minute snag occurred when BMW/Oracle team principal, Stephen Barclay, publicly expressed the team's anger at changes he alleged were made to the proposal by San Francisco officials prior to the final vote, an allegation strongly denied by City officials.

    A San Francisco department official who was closely involved in the entire proposal process said that Barclay himself was at San Francisco City Hall, and "very involved in the whole process" during the final few days, including one session that went well into the night before the final vote, "He knew about any changes, he was right there".

    Added to all this is the persistent rumor, circulated for the past few months among online America's Cup blogs and forums, that claimed San Francisco was never in the running for the Defense of the America's Cup, but was only used as leverage for the actual targeted venues, either Newport or a location in Italy. That rumor could be given a boost if Newport is named as the venue for the next Defense in the announcement on Sunday or Monday.

    Another possibility, though an extreme long shot, is hinted at in the America's Cup Protocol, which is the official document that outlines the rules and procedures for the next Defense. In it, any mention of the location of the final match races for the right to challenge for the Cup, and between the Defender and Challenger, is written in the plural as "venue(s)" rather than simply "venue".

    The exact Protocol language follows: "Article 24 THE REGATTA (AC Challenger Series, AC Defender Series and Match) Article 24.1 By 31 December 2010, GGYC will announce the venue(s) and dates of the Regatta. The Regatta may be held at more than one Venue."

    A two venue, bi-coastal America's Cup? At this point, with all the changes to the original America's Cup event, nothing should come as a surprise ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~

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    I have been "informed" to ignore this informed insider info.

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    Ditto. The 'announcement' is an announcement of an announcement.

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    Maybe it's time to start a rumour that the rumour is just rumour?

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