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Thread: BYC Port Huron to Mackinac NOR

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    Finished about 4AM Monday. Crew party until breakfast time, then headed off the island at 10:30AM.
    This was one of the best PH-Mac's I have sailed. We made the most of the breeze we had at the start to get north and avoided all showers/storms on the way quickly to Cove. Loved the downwind to the straights, but not the few holes we found in them.
    On the flip side, my brother's ride was, as he says, a full 180 from that, one of his worse. Seems they hit every storm and had full on upwind from Cove in, finishing about 12:30AM Tuesday morning.

    Both this and the Chi-Mac (aside from the tragedy, of course) made for great back-to-back races.

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    It was definately 180 for me, Chi Mac on a sled finishing at 10:30 Sunday night and winning the Mac Trophy on probably the must fun Chi Mac I have ever done, to BYC Mac on a cruising C boat that had never seen a race in it's life and finishing Tuesday at 12:40 AM. We hit about every hole, three or four storms including one that ripped the port end of the traveler off the deck and upwind in breeze from Rodgers City in. Completely different experiences, but both were still a ton of fun.

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    I had a great time riding up and back on Wind Toy. After the 2 month marathon of putting her back together everyone on the crew and owners were ecstatic to be sailing her again. To put things into perspective 5 weeks before the start the deck had no hardware and was only primed, one week almost to the minute the mast went in and the only sailing we did before the start was sailing into the slip that same day because the motor overheated.

    This was evident with our over early start (my first of any Mac I can think of) We quickly got back into it with the leaders, who we expected to be leading, Freedom, Numb and Roxy. All three hitched farther into shore which gave us pause because shore looked to be dead in weather reports so we stayed out farther in the lake that first day. As it turns out that was the difference maker for them, we were chasing them the rest of the weekend and couldn’t reel them in.

    My brother was on Freedom who took first in class and OA, after congratulating him I had to own a lot of pre race trash talking, which is fine we’ll get him next time. After some time traveling and good times we left for home on Wednesday with the only hang up was a day in Harrisville dealing with a clogged fuel line.

    All and all it was the most gratifying Mac I’ve raced in without placing. Not making the podium could be considered my many on the boat to be an unsuccessful Mac, but this year just sailing up was good enough. Being a half hour out of placing was not too bad either.
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