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Thread: March Madness Mens NCAA Basketball Pool

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    March Madness Mens NCAA Basketball Pool

    Interested parties can participate in your own cash pool. Make up your own rules
    and participate on the honor system. No entry fee bigger than $20.00. Pressure-Drop
    is not an active participant, broker or player in the cash pool. Other than that, have at it!

    Pressure Drop Prize Pool will be announced with rules and prizes no later than 10:00 PM
    Monday March 14. Get your bracket in order and be ready.
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    Saint Mary's isn't in this year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IOR Geezer View Post
    Saint Mary's isn't in this year?
    Omar Samhan may have been just a little too glib last year and the selection committee have long memories.

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    2011 Pressure Drop NCAA Mens Basket Ball Tourney Bracket Contest Rules and Prizes

    2011 Pressure Drop
    NCAA Men’s Basketball Tourney
    Bracket Contest

    Contest will commence at tip off of 1st game in round of 64 on
    St Patrick’s Day, March 17 2011

    • You may enter at any time, must be a registered Pressure Drop user, and 18 years of age, no fee is involved
    • Entrants will pick their choice of overall tourney champion and total final game score at time of 1st entry
    • Entrants may fill out entire bracket at beginning of tourney or on a day to day basis, however no changes in picks can be made to selections after already submitted
    • You must make selection of winner of each game prior to tip off of 1st game of that day
    • Winners will be determined by total number of correct picks in addition to the highest placement
    of team selected as overall champion at time of your 1st entry
    • In case of tie, overall winner will be determined with a number guess between 1-100, closest without going over will be determined winner
    • Overall winner gets 1st selection from prize pool, 2nd place gets so on and so forth until all prizes are awarded

    ~Prizes Thus Far~

    $300 Discount on custom website by 46Web

    FortySix Web is a San Francisco based company dedicated to helping build and support your presence on the web. Our service and support are second to none.
    FortySix Web is your one stop Website Design and Support Firm. In order to provide our customers and clients with the ultimate website and the optimal support we work exclusively with Joomla based websites.

    A $50.00 Gift Certificate to
    Based in San Diego California, Point Loma Outfitters offers the best high performance apparel for life on the water featuring gear from SLAM, Camet, Patagonia, Puma Keanon among others! 1-866.488.4060

    Choice of Free Full Resolution Image of choice from marine catalog from Lyons Imaging,
    ½ off Portrait or property shoot from Peter Lyons Photography

    With a background in mechanical drawing and engineering and an innate sense of visual balance, Peter is accomplished at capturing the spacial and structural beauty of a place with his photographs. A great deal of care is taken on-site to create pleasing and effective compositions, and to control light, perspective, and color. After each shoot, his work continues at his computer, where he stays on the leading edge of digital editing techniques to guarantee his clients predictably excellent results every time.

    A free Standup (SUP) paddling lesson and equipment rental at Crissy Field
    courtesy Ever Paddle

    Everpaddle is committed to supplying adventure, fitness and fun by designing and producing high performance stand-up paddle boards, paddles and accessories in an eco-friendlier manner. We are based on the North Shore of Oahu, where we play mad scientist with our products in world-class testing grounds for extreme water sports. Being on the island of the birthplace of stand-up paddle surfing, we stay close to and honor our ocean cultured roots, and want to share it with others around the world through our products.

    1 Pressure Drop Logo Dry Shirt

    DRY, Inc. was founded by sports enthusiasts. We are dedicated to producing the most sophisticated technical apparel available for both the professional athlete and those who are serious about making the most of their outdoor experience while mitigating the effects of the elements. With an emphasis on comfort and protection we design our products to provide superior moisture management while retaining an ergonomically correct form. From Nike and Ping performance brands to our proprietary DRYSHIRTs, DryGuards and ProwiK channel matrix system, no other brand offers you the amazing range of apparel like Dry, Inc.

    1 Hour photo shoot of your sailboat or water craft courtesy

    Offering a large stock of marine oriented imagery with a focus on human enjoyment of the natural water bourne playground which surrounds us on terra-firma, can capture the essence of the moment and portray your activity in a manner reflective of your appreciation for all things liquid.

    2 Pressure Drop Tee Shirts
    (light grey or white)
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    2011 Pressure Drop NCAA Mens Basket Ball Pool

    How to play in the easiest fashion:

    Log on to

    Go to "find pool"

    Pool Name: Pressuredrop

    Pool ID: 56779

    Enter email address and screen name.

    Make your picks!

    Good Luck!

    Alternative method: Post your selections prior to each round, 64, 32, Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final 4 and the Championship Game,
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    COO of Unauthorized Sailing Divisions! war dog's Avatar
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    I’m in and made me picks but I reserve the right to change them tonight after I consult the Chicken Bones and my Ouija Board…………..

    BTW who won the Football pool?? I owe someone $5.00

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    I'm in! Go Badgers!

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    Oh crap it looks like no editing is allowed…………………Ohh well go Mountaineers!!!

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    Morehead State takes out Louisville, whoda thunk it?

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    Sweet 16

    1 Ohio State vs 4 University Of Kentucky

    11 Marquette vs 2 North Carolina

    1 Duke vs 5 Arizona

    3 Conneticut vs 2 San Diego State

    1 Kansas vs 12 Richmond

    11 Virginia Common Wealth vs 10 Florida State

    8 Butler vs 4 Wisconsin

    3 BYU vs 2 Florida

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