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Thread: Wave Sailings Best Compete on American Tour With Stop In Santa Cruz

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    Wave Sailings Best Compete on American Tour With Stop In Santa Cruz

    The last time a wind surfing wave contest was held in Santa Cruz California was 1997.

    Now thanks to Tradewind Events LLC, and American Tour of the best sites for wave-sailing on American soil, (Yes, we own San Carlos, sort of) will occur this summer with the initial contest right at Waddell Creek on the northern most edge of Santa Cruz County. Other sites include Pistol River on the Oregon Coast June 16-19th, San Carlos, Baja Mexico July 30th- August 6th, Hatteras, North Carolina September 14th - 17th and will wrap up at Hookipa, Maui October 27th-29th.

    Event coordinator Samantha Bittner tested the waters last year with a revision of the Pistol River Wave Bash, which was a raging success and drew many of the big name stars from around the country, including the legend himself Robbie Nash.

    You can read more about the contest Right Here
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    Windsurfing ISN'T cancelled after all?

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