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Thread: Port Madison Yacht Club Membership Information

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    Port Madison Yacht Club Membership Information

    So you want to become a member of Port Madison Yacht Club eh? This is what you need to know:

    First, who is eligible to be a member? There is no residency restriction to be an active member of Port Madison Yacht club - but - you must either have 100% ownership of a sailboat, not a power boat but a sailboat, of less than 14 feet OR at least 50% ownership in a sailboat of 14 feet or longer. Easy.

    OK - so PMYC is a small yacht club with limited facilities and they want applicants to be as acquainted with the members as much as possible, so, it is strongly recommended that applicants participate in club races, work parties and social events prior to requesting membership. Another easy one as these are fun things to do anyways.

    Now the club has limited moorage availability in its deep water slips, over 5 feet most of the time, so there is a residency requirement for these slips. The Active member must be a resident of Bainbridge Island, North Kitsap or Central Kitsap school districts in order to be eligible for moorage at the clubs facilities. Limiting, but hey, if you don’t live there you wouldn’t be active with your boat and there would be no reason to take up a spot at the docks with it, right?

    Your membership must be sponsored by an active member, which is easy in this welcoming group, and signed by 4 of their fun loving friends that also happen to be members. So if you don’t know anyone that is a member of PMYC, no big deal, contact any officer listed on the website and they’ll jump right in and do everything humanly possible to make you feel welcome and find you someone to sponsor your membership.

    PMYC has a Junior and Adult Yacht club with varying dues and initiation fees dependent upon different variables. Junior members must be between 10 years of age and 21 years of age and may apply for active senior membership at 21 years with no initiation fee. Let me explain it all below (current as of 2011)-

    Initiation fees:
    $300 for Adults/Family 30 years and older
    $150 for Adults ages 22 to 29 years
    No initiation fee for the Junior Yacht Club

    Annual Dues:
    $260 for Seniors 30 years and older
    $130 for Seniors ages 22 to 29
    $20 for juniors of member families
    $50 for juniors of non-member families
    $20 for inactive members

    Port Madison Yacht Club has an interesting history and has it’s foundation on a boat through a group that enjoyed sailing and being together having a good time. I’ll paraphrase the history here to say that in 1956 the Port Madison Jib and Jug Association was formed aboard a Washington State Ferry by a group of seven that “being soberly dedicated to the promotion of sailing, navigation, piloting and seeking only to enjoy and admire the manifold beauties of the sea”, had banded together. By 1966 things had progressed along enough for the Jib and Jug Association to host the O.K. Dinghy Nationals on Port Madison bay. A quick move up the ladder from the seven “sober” founders.

    At some point the Jib and Jug Association changed their name to the Port Madison Yacht Club - the timing of this is lost in history but we can all speculate as to why a Jib and Jug Association hosting a National competition may want a different association to their title...Yet to keep the pretentiousness down in this small facility the grounds have never been developed past dirt roads and gravel parking lots, a small beach cabin clubhouse with a kitchen, a wood stove, a nice deck and 2 heads. One of the original members can be remembered saying that “no one shall be denied membership or expelled so long as the vessel in which he has ownership can float for 15 consecutive minutes in either fresh or salt water and does not exceed the maximum length of 220 feet nor a minimum of four feet in length overall at the waterline.”

    Port Madison Yacht Club has a proud history of not only its founding and low key facilities but of it’s sailing ability both in cruising and racing. To this day Power boats are not allowed at the yacht club - this is a sailing facility. Although they do now have 2 small mark boats to support the ever growing and challenging dinghy program that has over the years produced sailors that are now competing at the national and world class level in both dinghy and keel boats - some even helping our nation win back the Americas cup. As well, the facility is producing capable cruisers that are living aboard their sailboats, cruising the Pacific Northwest and traveling the world in their sailboats.

    If this sounds interesting to you, contact one of the members and join in on a work party, a potluck, a weekend cruise, a Thursday night race, or a weekend rendezvous and start the 1st day in a new life of fun, camaraderie and sailing that will have you smiling and excited to just wake up in the morning, put on those jeans with the 5200 or Varnish spots on them and head on out to your shop to finish building your Port Madison Pram.

    The Port Madison Yacht Club Website

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