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Thread: Who Killed The Platu 25 ?

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    Who Killed The Platu 25 ?

    Aside from "Black Sheep" raced out of the Sequoia YC, the Farr Design
    Platu 25' never made an impact in the Bay Area or US but is thriving in Europe.
    Any thoughts why? ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~

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    look at the US fleets in that size range for your answer.

    J24, Melges 24, J80....

    The J24 has been around forever, so there are a lot of them around, lowering the barrier of entry for one design keel boat racing... In my opinion that is the only thing the j24 has going for it... I don't care for the boat much..

    The melges is faster, easier to trailer, and has an asym spinnaker. High level racing and the asym is easier to deal with than a pole.... in my opinion..

    The j80 also has some big numbers, but the boat is more expensive used on average than a j24, but has an asym and again is a lot faster than a j24.

    I think the plateau 25 is a bit slower than other grand prix boats in that size range, and the symmetrical spinnaker has fallen out of favor in this boat size range for racers looking to buy a new boat...

    Look at the viper 6.50, in terms of both cost and rig, then look at the open series boats, both cost ans rig configuration....

    I think racers in this boat size range are looking for smaller, faster boats that are easier to sail, launch and maintain. The platu has a fixed keel right? To me, a 25 foot boat in that weight range that can't be trailer launched is a huge disadvantage. I hate depending on cranes.

    You want a successful US design? Update the S2 7.9 by taking the 1000 lbs of lead out of the hull and putting a bulb on the keel, change the rig to a double spreader deck stepped mast with a non overlapping masthead jib, a very large main and a masthead asym chute. The cabin and easy to handle sailplan will attract the cruisers and racers alike, and the ability to truly trailer sail the boat will open up possibilities as well.

    will we see a boat like that? no. The closest thing out there are the columbia 30 and the andrews 28, and with a six figure price tag, they wont be seeing any real numbers for fleet sizes....

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