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Thread: Cliff Notes From Cup Chat II GGYC

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    Cliff Notes From Cup Chat II GGYC

    Tom Ehman 1st Guest, Not sure if it was the rum, but T.E. very talkative and funny

    Spoke of how the crash was the best thing for the the Cup since Dennis Conner went aground in 1980, Showed pics with City Front and how dramatic the back ground is vs the old whites sails on grey back ground.

    July 12th Alliance of Bay Area YC’s next meeting.

    Last day of AC 45s is next Wednesday
    Tom is now Vice Commodore of GGYC’

    ’Jessie Falcone teased about falling off two AC boats, given duct tape and gloves

    Johnny Goldsberry on Skype from Block Island Race Week
    Spoke about his Oly campaign, coming back to SF then headed to Perth to kick butt

    Dawn Riley: Talk about mutiny on Whitbread which opened doors for her : Had a week to get ready , broke 3 rudders, and the rushing back for leading the Womens AC Cup team. All women team and David Delenbaugh…Mighty Mary

    Thrown together with women gladiators, dinghy sailors and made a team

    Dawn admits not liking the idea of Cats at 1st then warmed up to after reading the design rules. Her primary question was what happens in a two boat race when one capsizes? (Answer, get er back up cause the other boat may capsize too)

    Talked about the OakCliff (?) YC Sailing / Acorn program back in Oyster Bay New York, training sailors who have shown promise…Spoke of legacy of AC 34 and need to outreach to the public.

    Stan Honey:
    Spoke about life behind black curtain. ..Just barely got to the point where it should work in Cascais.

    Will have the simple and basic technology working!

    Objective on TV to make make the casual sports fan into a sailing fan, without annoying real sailors.

    The layline mark helps commentary to explain. Compares to goal line. Ehman talks about Comparison with race tracker, mentions a $500 Million being spent on TV production alone, and what is going on will revolutionize the sport of sailing.

    Tom Spoke about PMS, vs OCS Dawn asks why unsportsman like conduct rule 69…chuckles

    AC Boats WILL go outside gate in flood, not in ebb, spoke about South Tower Demon. (Without knowing its legendary status here in SF)
    Boats will go out about 500 Meters

    Courses: Reach start towards shore? Stan likes the concept, compliments John Craig and and Ian Murray on open mindedness, indicates JC may say we will never do something then go ahead and do it the next day anyways!

    Video from Auckland and SF Shows “ How Do you Like Me now Video”
    Break and talks about umpires on Jet Skis, and electronics signally for penalties and protests.

    Jets skis guys will communicate via headsets to chief umpire.

    Cascais: August 6th through 14th ”some” TV coverage
    Plymouth September 10th-18th
    12-20 November San Diego

    Technical Video: WOW!

    Cyral (?) The band leader ask’s what does everyone likes about sailing.? Responses vary from Teamwork to ability for everyone young and old participates… Meeting adjourned! Aprox time 1 hour 10 minutes!
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