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Thread: Bay Area's Molly Robinson prepares to set sail in Trans Atlantic Race with the AAOT!

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    Bay Area's Molly Robinson prepares to set sail in Trans Atlantic Race with the AAOT!

    The All American Offshore Team, with 3 Bay Area sailors will see numerous sunrises
    like this very soon. They depart in the Trans Atlantic Race July 3rd
    © Amory Ross / All-American Offshore Team

    Molly Robinson and team mate Patrick Showell heading toward Bermuda
    © All-American Offshore Team

    Molly in her college sailing days with Charleston

    Growing up on SF Bay sailing on her parents Islander 36 "Pilot", Molly Robinson got the bug early, and as her and little brother Woody's ability grew, so did the families trophies as class Season Champions. During her 6th grade year, her family took a 6 month sabbatical to the Caribbean, living aboard a 52' catamaran, she learned to love open ocean sailing. She took to the 29er class during her adolescence then sailed 420's and FJ's at South Carolina's College of Charleston elite team, which has won 13 National Titles since 1987.

    After college Molly spent time in Auckland, New Zealand training with North Sails, initially in the spray booth wearing tyvek overalls and sporting a respirator before they allowed her to actually do any sewing, something she admits to missing, but not as much as the long distance races she enjoyed during her tenure there. She most recently was the employee of Spectra Water-makers, working the technical support line and writing build manuals. She is currently campaigning in the 29er class with her college team mate Allie Blechter, seeking a berth in the Olympics in 2016. Molly is ecstatic to having been selected to the All American Offshore Team where she joins other Bay Area members David Rasmussen and Matt Noble.

    We finally slowed Molly down long enough for some quick Q and A before she sets sail for England on Vanquish in the Trans Atlantic Race

    © Amory Ross / All-American Offshore Team

    © Amory Ross / All-American Offshore Team
    On board with the A.A.O.T. during a Annapolis Newport Race

    PD Who introduced you to AAOT?

    MR I originally heard about it from facebook.

    PD What are your expectations?

    I am enjoying the opportunity to learn boat building skills, gain ocean miles, practice running a professional team campaign, and sail with some of the best young American sailors. I am excited to cross the ocean on a boat I helped assemble and prove that American sailors have a place in ocean racing.

    PD Which events do you plan on attending?

    MR This summer we have competed in the Around Block Island Race, Annapolis to Newport Race and several other summer series. On July 3rd we will race in the Transatlantic from Newport RI to the Lizard, England. After that we will also race in the Fastnet.

    Matt Noble, RYC's latest prodigy is Molly's new boss!

    PD How long of a commitment?

    MR This commitment is until August. We hope to have a team every year, so if we get enough support from the sailing community there will be a 2012 All American Offshore Team. At the end of August I am flying home to race in women's keelboat nationals at the New York Yacht Club. We have been working on the boat from 9 - 6 everyday and try to take Sunday off, although this is the first one we have had a break

    PD What are your thoughts on being in the minority with so many guys on the team?

    MR I completely lucked out. This team is amazing. I sincerely like everyone on the team and the other girl, Kaity Storck, is wonderful.

    Mealtime and meeting time with the AAOT

    PD Your intentions after the AAOT commitment?

    MR I would love to find a job in the sailing industry. One of my good friends is working on shore logistics for a Volvo ocean race team and that would be by dream job! There is also the America's cup coming to the bay area.
    I have had several amazing jobs, but I always end up quitting them to go sailing. Most recently I worked in international logistics for a visa sponsor agency, and I had to quit that job to join the All American Offshore Team.

    Thanks Molly! Have a great trip and good luck!
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    Whooo hooo! Right on, Molly! Good Luck!

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    Now I have to pay attention to two trans ocean races at the same time!

    Go team RYC and "Floggin Molly!"

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    Congratulations to you, Molly.

    Good luck and have fun!

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