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Thread: DHF 2012 anyone? Sat. March 31st Entry deadline Skippers' meeting Wed March 28th 7:30

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    DHF 2012 anyone? Sat. March 31st Entry deadline Skippers' meeting Wed March 28th 7:30

    Who's in for ( Bay Area Multihull Association ) 33rd DHF on Sat. March 31st ?

    Check here : 33rd DHF 2012 for updates, details, online entry link.

    Per the NOR, Coast Guard requires 406 beacons. Time to buy, borrow, rent one of these great aids to the CG SAR teams.

    Since 406 beacons need to be registered to the yacht on the course, entry's need to be submitted by the Skippers Meeting

    Skippers' meeting/entry deadline, Wednesday March 28, 2011 7:30 p.m. at the Oakland Yacht Club. All skippers are requested to attend. Any changes in starting procedures, course limits, division placement, etc., will be announced at this meeting. Each skipper is responsible for acquiring information of such changes. Participation mementos for skipper and crew will be available at the Skipper's meeting and/or Trophy presentation.

    If your old DHF shirt is wearing out, more available at the BAMA Store

    "Have a great race!"

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    we are thinking about taking Nina out for it again after a few years on the hard.........I think we might want to upgrade/replace some standing rigging first!!!

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    I'm available if anyone needs a sheet monkey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobie18rich View Post
    I'm available if anyone needs a sheet monkey.
    You might post on BAMA crewlist

    Where we see we have a new F18

    and announce on BAMA mail list

    to get a multihull ride

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    Thanks I'm there.

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    Spring break. Headed south.

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    Hapa Girl is in - not exactly sure on the crew yet - but we'll be there.

    Given the racin is around the corner, I thought I'd take up the "Sponsor a Race Challenge" and put up 2 bottles of Rum

    Hapa Girl will be in the DH Multi division - what other entries do we have?

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    Tee shirt design- what do you think?

    Everyone know how to download gps tracks?

    Here's DHF 2011 tracks , takes awhile to download link

    Heres a graphic after it downloads with the front, back, sleeve of 2008 shirt

    What do you think of it as a graphic on the back of the tee shirt (instead of 2UP)?

    We could use last years or use this years (your race) and hand out at the awards ceremony instead of skippers meeting

    Crop it down- add boat names?

    or the photo of Farallones

    With boat names


    Some outline of the farallones (w boat names)
    link to chart


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