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Thread: What up GL sailors

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    What up GL sailors

    Been a while since I have dropped in. Our winter has actually been mild and ice free. Shorty is still sitting next to the house although it has been tempting to splash. My big project once we reach West Systems temps is to rebuild the trailing edge of the keel bulb that the Chicago-Mac docking committee contributed to breaking the tip off. All I ask in 2012 is please figure out what the water depth is in the various areas of the harbor!

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    A very mild winter here. My lake was only frozen for a couple of days so far this winter. Not good as the lack of ice cover is sure to bring a low lake level this year unless we have a realllly wet spring.

    Burnsy is modifying the hell out of Heat Wave and has talked me into commuting to the land of cheese and bratwurst to race this year.
    Whizzo Butter: "Absolutely indistinguishable from a dead crab."

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    Who's in for Queens Cup?
    Whizzo Butter: "Absolutely indistinguishable from a dead crab."

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    Can't they put an offset somewhere to make less of a rail ride? My tan suffers when on one tack for too long.

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    I hear ya. I'll be packing Aleve and a garden pad.
    Whizzo Butter: "Absolutely indistinguishable from a dead crab."

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