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Thread: Spring Dinghy, March 11, St.FYC

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    Spring Dinghy, March 11, St.FYC

    The preliminary results are online at Regatta Network.LINK

    A couple of pictures are online from Sunday's races.
    The picture gallery is on SkyDrive Link for:


    The above classes had a weather mark and offset mark near shore for pictures.
    The Laser, Laser Radial, 420 race course was a long ways away.

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    29'ers near the weather mark:

    Weta in a puff:

    505's, Mr. Hamlin leads Mr. Martin downwind :

    F18 fellows near weather & offset mark:

    Hobie 20 leads the SL-33 in the Big Daddy, pic

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    Nice stuff Slackwater, was this Saturday or Sunday?

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    The pics are from Sunday.
    I saw a little of Sunday's first race.
    Most of the pics are later in the day.

    There was heavy mist to rain on the Marina with a late arrival.
    The Lasers were too far away for pictures.

    California Condor's big white spinnaker in the distance
    notified people of the RYC Big Daddy.

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