Start with a dream, add a dash of reality and a good dose of nightmare follow by hard work and perseverance,
and finally the continuation of the dream and you get the story of the crew of Netzah, Brazillian Tassio Jacques and
Canadian Claudia Couture as they finally embark on their long term independant film project capturing the essence of the circumnavigation journey.

"We hauled the boat out of the water. As soon as the boat was secure to the ground I told Claudia that I would
have a look at the weak spot that we already knew about. I lifted up the floor boards and started to take apart
some of the wood around it. I told Claudia that as a preventive measure, I would dismantled more than what I
really needed. When I did that I saw more rust. There was a corrosion spot I had not seen before and I started
poking it with a screw driver. The paint all around started to come out and a huge patch of rust was revealed.
I hammered it! My hammer went straight thru the metal. Claudia’s eye filled with tears right away. There was
a hole in our boat covered with fiber glass and smoothed out with epoxy so it looked all regular and “part of the hull”.
I went out of the boat and started to walk around the hull, hammering in many places. At that morning my hammer
found another 3 holes on the hull covered in the same manner. Despair took us. Something was really wrong.
It was the beginning of a nightmare."

He gave us the money back that he charged for his survey but that was far from solving our problem.
However the refund on our credit card statement was for our lawyer another great proof.

I believe we went thru all the stages of anger one could have. From wanting to kill those people to developing a
numbness in our mind towards them. But loosing our energy on that kind of thought would not make our boat
float again. So we continued, from 6 in the morning until 7 at night (with a short break for lunch) working.
Chipping rust (if you ever did that in your life, you know the drama I am talking about) and dismantling the boat
to make a bare hull. Work, work, work! Claudia and I knew on the back of our minds, how much it would cost.
We were adding items on our budget refit list but we would never make a total for it! We knew reality would hit
us if we did and that would not make the work any faster. It was a very troubled period of our lives. We knew we
had lost all the money we had! Only our parents knew what we were going thru. We did not tell any of our friends.
We swallowed and kept our mistake for ourselves. There was no need of spreading the word and dissipating our energy.
For our friends we were having a good sunny day in the caribbean.

Film making and photography is essential on our lives. It took us time but we are slowly and surely coming up with our
“image workflow” adapted to life on a boat. The demanding life onboard a sailboat, the factors stated above plus the
facts that we are continuously learning about our “new” home and working on different jobs to gather money.
Made that we did not update this blog so often. But now things are steadily settling down. We are more aligned
with our goals and why not say it, we created a routine.

So this blog as we promised before, will get frequent updates. Better than that! Our updates will be more related with
our project! As you read, we had a lot going on! We are aware that until recently our blog posts were more about
“what we were living” than what we actually set out to do! So await more engaging topics and stories about simple
and earth friendly lifestyles.

Having said all that, we are left with the question: What is our plans for the near future? I will not give a complete answer
to that because as I said on the beginning of this post, our plans change, they swing around on the mystery of life and they
can unfold in different ways. If I tell you what we want to do on the next 6 months I might come back here to explain why
the plan did not go on the way I said "So lets stick to a shorter period of time and if the plan changes my explanation
won’t be to long and boring" Also and very important, on that way we can focus on the present! We continue searching
for sponsors to our project and we are still looking for someone to produce our movie (anyone out there? some tips or contacts?).
We want to haul out Netzah and work on some upgrades, maintenance and little projects so the “boat people” can expect some
“boat talk” on this blog as well. When Netzah is back on the water from her yard period, we will be bound to the Azores.
Ooopssss….I talked to much! Azores now is still far away! So I better FOCUS HERE if we want to get there!

I thank each and everyone of you that have been following this blog and helping us to spread the word!

Glow wherever you are,