Pressure Drop was fortunate to be invited this AM for Press Conference call with John Kostecki of Oracle Racing. John was still at home in Novato, preparing for the trip to Naples where team Oracle will begin training next week, and using the wing extension for the 1st time.

John Kostecki, the kid from San Rafael at the Pier 80 Open House earlier this year.

Highlights of conference:

Despite the wet weather during the latest testing, breeze was goo and alot was accomplished. Most of testing was directly related to
evaluations for the 72's. "Getting back in race mode and a very competitive atmosphere" as John put it.

Relationship in real time vs data comparisons: While the collected data is very valuable, more often than not,
the results become very apparent in real time with the cats, whereas in the past, extremely minute advantages
of just a 10th of a knot were only visible after collecting all the data, post racing.

Crews vs Boats: The boat handling is extremely crucial with the cats and a premium
will be achieved with the crew work vs slight variations in the boats themselves, and in the 72's,
which they anticipate to sail much tighter angles both windward and leeward.

John indicates they feel good about the current staff on hand when it comes to expanding crew size to the 72,
with guys from Alinghi, Oly class dinghy sailors, Extreme 40 sailors and " old guys" like himself in the mix.

Old and young mix it up on the South Bay in February

Anticipated current effects on 72' on the SF Bay: For the most part, the speed of the big cats combined
with smallish size of the course will most likely negate overzealous efforts to play the currents in anything
accept very light conditions. That being said, the current will be a big factor in the the starts, and at the
windward and leeward mark roundings.

On the crews feelings now that the politics of hosting in SF are over: Nothings really changed for Oracle
or the other teams as they were all practicing for the event to be held in SF all along. "It's gonna be
awesome with the summer sea breeze on the 45's with the 1st mark off of the Marina." The people along
Marina Green are going to be in for a treat.

The competition in Naples: Each event has shown improvement for each team and with the addition of
Luna Rossa, along with Team Energy, ETNZ, Artemis are all looking strong.

Will attrition be a big part of the Cup on the 72's? Oracle will have 2 72's, so there is a back up, but the
45s have shown the ability to handle conditions without major gear failure, and they anticipate the 72's
will perform likewise, so barring collisions, the thoughts are no, and " It is NOT in the playbook to capsize"

Thanks John & Tim!