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Thread: 3 Killed 1 Missing in Newport Ensenda Race

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    Provided that is the correct vessel, what are the legal ramifications?

    How does hit and run law work in the maritime circles?

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    California boating law is a $10,000 fine and 4 years for fleeing a scene with injuries.
    Manslaughter and an additional 5 years for serious injury or death. Not sure what international
    or Mexican waters laws equate to.

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    They appear to be missing some critical data on that tracker.

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    Now some are saying the Aegean ran aground? Or did the tracker wash ashore after the boat was macerated?

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    It is a rugged piece of real estate.

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    There are some close ups of the Island if you scroll down a bit.

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    Thems some sharp rocks!

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    So what would we expect to have happen to a mid-90's constructed (grid system I think) boat, displacing 15000 lbs, 5,400 of which is ballast, with a 5' draft, hits a rock travelling around 5.5 knots? In relatively calm conditions?

    Now, they're not the best constructed boats in the world, but I would not expect it to fly into the tiny pieces we've seen. I'd expect it to crack wide open and sink, mostly in 1 piece, near the site of the grounding.

    Especially if it was a head-on collision--strongest point I would think. front of boat would be pulverized, but 90% of it would remain intact. it would flood quickly i would think. I doubt it would float around long enough to be subsequently run over by a freighter.

    So, it's puzzling.


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