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Thread: Lake County wants your help! Payback?

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    Lake County wants your help! Payback?

    That's the Lake County News to be exact. And they're not asking you for money.

    I received this email from Elizabeth Larson of the Lake County News, the online news site that provided the best and most in-depth reporting on the Bismarck Dinius trial.

    The trial resulted in an acquittal of Dinius on charges of Vehicular Homicide when the sailboat he was in, was run over by a speeding power boat, driven by the Lake County Sheriff's Department number two man, on a moonless night. The Sheriff and D.A. who brought the charges were voted out in the following election, and the powerboat operator, Deputy Russel Perdock was fired. You can find out more about the case HERE, HERE or search the Internet


    I think we can partially return the favor to The Lake County News for their determined and excellent reportage. Here's the email:

    Lake County News is attempting to qualify for a small business grant
    for the purpose of creating jobs. We are asking for your help with
    this opportunity to aid us in creating new jobs.

    If you are a Facebook user please vote for Larson New Media on

    Please follow this link:
    Help Create Good Jobs in Lake County
    , search for Larson New Media and cast your vote.

    Here is a short video <>
    on exactly how to do this.

    You can vote for multiple businesses attempting to qualify for this

    Thank you for your consideration and your support of responsible,
    hyper local journalism on the shores of Clear Lake, California.

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    June 30 is the last day to help.

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    Not sure these guys really helped out Dinius, did they ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bowline View Post
    Not sure these guys really helped out Dinius, did they ?
    They were the only good source of news for the sailing community; but more important they were the only good source for Lake County.

    The attention paid to this case and the pressure and attention from sailors and locals kept this from being a done deal prosecution.

    It also cost the prosecutor, Sheriff, and Deputy Perdock their jobs.

    The Lake County News reported objectively in what has long been a Good ol' Boys county and culture. That's what journalists should do, but often don't.

    I think they very much helped Dinius by putting and keeping the truth out there.

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    Thanks much for the clarification - they got my vote.

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