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Thread: 2012 London Olympic Games

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    Finn Update Aug 2

    Ben Ainslie is now just 3 points from leader Jonas Hogh-Christensen. Zack Railey is living in 12th but maybe just 5 point out of qualifying for medal race with two more races to go! ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~

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    Mens 470

    Stuart McNay and Graham Biehl currently reside in 21st after 2 races, already 36 points behind the British team of Bithell and Patience, there's still 8 races to qualify, so patience is key. ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~

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    Star Class

    Mark Mendelblatt and Brian Fatih are 6th with 45 points, but well with range for medal race, racing resumes tomorrow for last two races. Ian Percey and Andrew Simpson look unstoppable in this swan song for the Star in the Olympics. ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~

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    Oly Update August 3rd

    We now continue with our stellar coverage of the 2012 London Games.
    Keep it simple, mama always said. If you really want good coverage, there are as you know, multiple outlets providing tons of stuff, from
    toNBC to US Sailing
    Where we grabbed the report below, concise and to the point, but check out The Brits Oly Team Site which is even better, but focuses mainly on the British

    From US Sailing:

    A very busy day of racing in Weymouth and Portland for the U.S. Olympic Sailing Team brought mixed results. The day saw the debut of Women’s 470 team Amanda Clark and Sarah Lihan, who are in 4th overall; the advance to the Star medal race for Mark Mendelblatt and Brian Fatih; and an end of the regatta for Finn sailor Zach Railey. Standings to date: Erik Storck 10th in 49er; Paige Railey 9th in Laser Radial; Rob Crane 26th in Laser; and Stuart McNay and Graham Biehl 11th in Men’s 470. Today was a scheduled reserve day for Men’s and Women’s RS:X Windsurfing and Women’s Match Racing.


    Finn – Zach Railey

    With two final races available for Zach Railey to secure a top-10 position in the Men’s Dinghy Heavy (Finn), it was not meant to be for the 2008 Olympic silver medalist. His scores of 12th and 19th put him into 12th overall for the regatta.

    “The goal was to compete for a medal,” said Railey after racing. “After the first couple of races where things hadn’t gone my way, we knew we had to start taking more risk on the racecourse to give myself a chance. Obviously, when you start taking more risk there’s more reward and more downside. This week hasn’t gone the way we planned. We prepared well. We feel good about the preparation going into this. I take a lot of pride in preparing for big events. To not do well here is very upsetting. There are a lot of people who helped me get here and supported me, and I’d like to thank them.”


    Star – Mark Mendelblatt and Brian Fatih

    Mark Mendelblatt and Brian Fatih advanced to the Men’s Keelboat (Star) medal race with an overall standing of 6th in the 10-race series. The first of two races was a strong addition to the score line. They finished third ahead of the series current leaders from Great Britain, Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson. “We like conditions of 8-11 knots or really windy,” said Fatih explaining that the lighter wind is more to their liking. “It’s (the) in between that we don’t really like.” The second race was held in moderate wind and the team finished in 11th.

    Aug. 4 is a reserve day and the medal race is scheduled for Aug. 5.


    49er – Erik Storck & Trevor Moore

    The busiest of days took place in the Men’s Skiff (49er) with three scheduled races. Erik Storck and Trevor Moore turned in 2-17-5 to climb into 10th overall. After a reserve day on Aug. 4, four races remain on Aug. 5-6 in the 15-race series.


    Radial – Paige Railey

    Paige Railey finished the day in 9th overall, and has two races left in the 10-race series to secure a top-10 position, and a spot in the medal race in the Women’s One Person Dinghy (Laser Radial).

    Laser Radial

    Laser – Rob Crane

    In the Men’s One Person Dinghy (Laser), Rob Crane is in 26th overall with two races remaining. Crane had his best result of the regatta in race 8 with a score of 8th.

    “The way the regatta has gone so far has been a disappointment,” said Crane. “Yesterday was a rest day and my energy felt better. Tomorrow, I want to have the best day I can and move up in the placings.”

    Laser Radial

    Men’s 470 – Stuart McNay and Graham Biehl

    Working to improve their overall ranking in the men’s two person dinghy (Men’s 470), Stuart McNay (Boston, Mass.) and Graham Biehl (San Diego, Calif.) scored a 10th in race 3 and 3rd in race 4. Today’s races improved their overall standing to 11th overall.

    “We had a much better idea of the wind today than we did yesterday and we were able to execute throughout the race,” said Biehl. “The fleet is really challenging in the Men’s 470. We had a bit of a rough day yesterday. Just getting back into the swing and making sure our consistency is back up there is the key to getting the medals.”

    The 10-race series continues through Aug. 7, with the medal race scheduled for Aug. 9.

    Mens 470

    Women’s 470 – Amanda Clark and Sarah Lihan

    Women’s Two Person Dinghy (Women’s 470) debuted in competition with two races at the Olympic Sailing Regatta. ’08 Olympian Amanda Clark and crew Sarah Lihan collected finishes of 7th and 3rd.

    “We had a beneficial forecast, it was advantageous for us,” said Lihan of first day’s conditions. “It didn’t actually materialize, which was disappointing, but we were happy to go out and get two top 10s. We have done a lot of sailing over the past year and a half. It was great to get the silver medal at Sail for Gold against the Olympic fleet. Our mantra here: to do what we know how to do.”

    They are now in 5th overall in the 20-boat fleet, tied on points with the fourth-placed boat from The Netherlands (Lisa Westerhof/Lobke Berkhout), and three points out of first.

    “It’s great to start out in the top and we’ll work hard to stay there,” said Clark.

    The 10-race series continues through Aug. 8 with the medal race scheduled for Aug. 10.

    At the Helm – Dean Brenner’s daily blog for Aug 3

    For an insider’s view of the U.S. Olympic Sailing Team, tune in to Team Leader Dean Brenner’s daily blog “At the Helm.” Each morning, Brenner will give a perspective honed from eight years of leading the U.S. Olympic program. Aug. 3 blog:

    Upcoming on Aug. 4

    Aug. 4 will see racing continue in Laser, Laser Radial, Men’s and Women’s 470, while racing will resume in the Men’s and Women’s Windsurfing, and Women’s Match Racing. It is a scheduled reserve day for Finn, 49er and Star.

    Overall standings to date:

    Women’s Match Racing, 6 wins, 3 losses, Anna Tunnicliffe (Plantation, Fla.), Molly Vandemoer (Stanford, Calif.) and Debbie Capozzi (Bayport, N.Y.) – reserve day Aug. 3

    10th, 49er, Erik Storck (Huntington, N.Y.) and Trevor Moore (Naples, Fla./N. Pomfret, Vt.) 6-10-16-1-7-13-[20]-18-2-17-5

    11th, Men’s 470, Stuart McNay (Boston, Mass.) and Graham Biehl (San Diego, Calif.) 17-22-10-3

    4th, Women’s 470, Amanda Clark (Shelter Island, N.Y.) and Sarah Lihan (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) 7-3

    12th, Finn (Men’s One Person Dinghy Heavy), Zach Railey (Clearwater, Fla.) 10-15-13-17-2-8-11-8-12-19

    6th, Star (Men’s Keelboat), Mark Mendelblatt and Brian Fatih (both Miami, Fla.) 5-14-5-3-8-9-5-10-3-11

    9th, Laser Radial, Paige Railey (Clearwater, Fla.) 8-5-12-17-4-9-[21]-20

    26th, Laser, Rob Crane (Darien, Conn.) 35-42-30-28-16-32-19-8

    *20th, Women’s RS:X Windsurfing, Farrah Hall (Annapolis, Md.) 22-18-18-18-20-22

    *18th, RS:X Windsurfing, Bob Willis (Chicago, Ill.) 7-10-11-25-BFD**-28

    *Men’s and Women’s Windsurfing did not race on Aug. 3

    **BFD is black flag penalty
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    Olympic sailing pictures covered the full screen on last week,
    featured © Clive Mason / Getty Images .

    Thanks for the pointers.

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    Getty Images x 2012 Olympics, LINK

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    Watched the Star and Finn medal rounds yesterday afternoon from the lawn in Weymouth. Was amazing, unbelievable, crazy, awesome, and terribly sad and exhilarating for the home fans all in a couple of hours.
    The Star race was a complete shocker, Ian and Bart had only to finish 4th or better and they were guaranteed the win (unless a lot of math was incorrect including the presenters) and Brazil didn't really stand a chance at winning with the points nor did the Swedes who eventually took the gold. GBR chose to cover the wrong team, though there was no way to know that at the time. When the boats finished racing, I've never seen a crowd at a sporting event be so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

    In the Finn, it was touch and go for a bit, when it looked like Ainslie had made the same sort of mistake - he and Jonas being caught too far back for either of them to take the gold, and seeing Ben make the decision to leave the coverage and get back into the race on boat speed was great! The French guy sailed his own race, focused on speed and clean air and managed to sail himself into a bronze medal, with some help from the Kiwi who was also trying to finish well in the race.

    Have to sort through the pics on my phone, since I couldn't find my camera before I flew over, so they aren't the best pics but it was great to watch. We have tix for Nothe course on Saturday as well for the womens match race finals; that will be a super treat since we have raced against several of the teams and the skipper for the AUS team crewed for us as a sub during the Harken regatta in Sydney way back in '09 when she was maybe 15 years old.

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    It would be nice for the US to get at least one medal.

    Kiteboards in 2016 could be US sweep!

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    Fin 2 USA 0 after two flights

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    It's official, no medals for the USA.

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