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Thread: 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race

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    Not sure how match racing sets you up for the Volvo, but that Justine seems to have the skills!

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    It's Official, A New US Entry For Volvo Ocean Race

    Seven-year Volvo Ocean Race dream comes true for Team Alvimedica crew

    Istanbul, Turkey – Seven years ago, a couple of young American sailing addicts met on the set of a Disney movie and dreamed of the day that they would launch a campaign in the world’s toughest offshore team test, the Volvo Ocean Race.

    Today that apparently long-shot ambition became a reality when Team Alvimedica’s challenge for the 2014-15 edition was announced in Istanbul, home of the company.

    Mark Towill was just 18 when he met Charlie Enright, four years older, as a fellow young star in the Disney sailing movie, Morning Light. The reality film followed a cross-Pacific boat voyage and made use of some of the biggest names in offshore sailing.

    Enright, now 29, picks up the story: “We met during the trials for that – we both considered that project to be the beginning of our dream, which is the Volvo Ocean Race.

    “We’ve had a lot of Volvo veterans as our coaches on the Morning Light shoot – Stan Honey, Mike Sanderson, Jerry Kirby – and they set up the foundations for us in terms of high-level ocean racing.”

    “That vision has been quite clear for a while and has served as motivation for all that we’ve been doing,” added Towill, who together with Enright set up their own company, All-American Ocean Racing out of Newport, Rhode Island where the Race will be stopping in May, 2015.

    “It’s not been easy by any means despite the great start we had with the Disney movie. We’ve spent long hours treading the sidewalks trying to get a break and it’s been all about making our own opportunities. We’ve also had a lot of help from many, many people making this become a reality.”

    Slowly their dream began to take concrete shape and in 2011, Volvo Ocean Race CEO Knut Frostad invited the pair to Alicante for the start of the 11th edition in October that year.

    After dropping most other commitments in the search for a title sponsor, Enright and Towill found an ambitious, young company – Alvimedica – to take their project from a dream to the start line of the Volvo Ocean Race in Alicante on October 4, 2014.

    Alvimedica, a medical devices company from Turkey, is the perfect match for a team that aims to have a crew predominantly drawn from a pool of sailors under 30.

    Its accent on being agile, innovative and not afraid to take bold business calls like taking on the huge U.S. market has helped it become one of Turkey’s fastest growing young companies and now management want to broaden its horizons by conquering new territories abroad topped by the United States.

    The Volvo Ocean Race and the young American crew are the perfect vehicles to do just that.

    Enright, who will be skipper, and Towill are the only crew confirmed for Team Alvimedica so far and the next step will be trials for as many of the best young offshore sailors as they can find.

    “The plan is that we’ll look at people in the States first but expand that to take in young sailors from around the world too, including Turkey and Italy,” said Mark.

    Frostad was delighted to welcome both team and title sponsor as the Race’s fifth confirmed team for the 12th edition.

    “This is one of the most exciting new teams I've seen since I’ve started this job,” he said. “Team Alvimedica is everything I have dreamed of since 2008 when I joined the race management: young people taking the initiative to start a project.

    “We also welcome a new sponsor coming from Turkey. There has been a lot of interest from Turkey in the last race and it’s a country where sailing is growing. This is a medical technology company focused on the heart. I reckon the Volvo Ocean Race is one of the toughest physical and cardiac challenges in the world, so that will make for an interesting study!”

    The team can also anticipate a warm welcome in Newport given its connections there when the fleet arrives in port next year.

    The team’s CEO will be Bill Erkelens, a well known name in U.S. sailing who played a leading role in the management of several America’s Cup teams.

    Alvimedica CEO Dr Cem Bozkurt added: "As a young company we have a tremendous ambition in the global market. We have the same targets in sailing as well.

    “Volvo Ocean Race is a rapid and dynamic event which utilises the latest technology, just like Alvimedica. We are proud to have the Turkish flag for the first time on an entry of the most challenging sailing event in the world."

    Team Alvimedica will be joining Team SCA, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, Dongfeng Race Team and Team Brunel in the 2014-15 race which will be contested over 38,739 nautical miles and nine months, finishing in Gothenburg on June 27, 2015.

    About Alvimedica

    Alvimedica is a young, agile company devoted to developing minimally-invasive medical technologies for medical professionals looking for the next level of innovation in the operating room. Alvimedica firmly believes that working closely with physicians is the best way to improve their product solutions and services in the interest of patients around the globe. Medical professionals are invited to visit the Alvimedica Centers of Excellence in R&D in Turkey, Italy and the Netherlands to present and discuss new treatment options, resulting in a growing and innovative product portfolio for endovascular and interventional cardiology. For more information, please visit
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    I supposed a local or two might get picked up.

    I would put Matt Noble on the very top of that short list.

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    Team SCA: Excellence In Training

    Two years ago SCA announced it would enter a boat into the Volvo Ocean Race. They then took another bold move when they decided to enter the race with an all-female team. It's not the first all-female crew in the history of the race, but this is the first time an all-female team will receive the same support as their male competition - from start to finish.

    Why an all-female team? Globally, about 80 percent of the retail products SCA makes are purchased by women. This gives SCA a natural interest in the role of women in the hygiene of millions of families around the world. By entering this team in the Volvo Ocean Race, SCA is highlighting the strength of women in society and the ability of women to take on new challenges -- be they at home or at sea.

    With nine months to go to the start, Team SCA is in full training mode - both physical and sailing - at their training camp in Lanzarote, Spain.

    Justine Mettraux from Geneva, Switzerland, has joined the team after just completing a Mini-Transat campaign. She is an accomplished offshore sailor and has been involved with multiple Transat and Transpacific campaigns as well as a Tour de France a la Voile and several other solo, double-handed and multihull projects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flat Stanley View Post
    I supposed a local or two might get picked up.

    I would put Matt Noble on the very top of that short list.

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    #3 Brunel Leaves The Shed

    The 3rd Volvo 65' has left the shed, Team Bunel Sailing with Bouwe Bekking manning the helm. The boat will be splashed shortly. Following a few trial runs, it will sail to The Netherlands for the inauguration ceremony. After that, the team and boat will leave for an as-yet-undetermined location in Southern Europe for an extensive training and selection programme.

    Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing

    all images © Ainhoa Sanchez/Volvo Ocean Race

    TEAM BRUNEL NEWS – Andrew Cape joins the crew

    Enkhuizen, The Netherlands – February 3, 2014 – Australian navigator Andrew Cape is back for his sixth Volvo Ocean Race with Team Brunel, reuniting with his former skipper Bouwe Bekking.
    Aged 51, Cape first took part in the race in 1993-94. He entered five editions since then, including in 2005-06 when he sailed with Bekking on movistar. Cape’s addition to the team as navigator only feels natural to the Dutch skipper, now at the helm of Team Brunel.

    “We have sailed many races and have been around the globe together, so we know each other very well,” said Bekking, who went through movistar’s sinking and abandonment with Cape in 2006. “Capey is a topper. He has won nearly everything you can win, but the Volvo Ocean Race is missing in his resume.

    “He is not only a navigator but also a superb sailor with a sense of humour. His comments can make you laugh in the toughest situations.”

    Called “Capey” by his sailing friends, the Australian took second with PUMA Ocean Racing in the Volvo Ocean Race 2008-09. He returned with Team Telefónica in the last edition and finished third.

    A strong personality and a joker, he has excelled in many other sailing races, including the triumph of winning the America’s Cup with Alinghi in 2003 and taking second in the double-handed Barcelona World Race in 2007.

    “It’s great to be involved with such a good team,” said Cape. “The coming Volvo Ocean Race will be won by the sailors only. I can't wait to get on the water and prove our full potential.”

    He will be in charge of analyzing the weather and deciding the best route for the 38,739 nautical miles of the next edition starting on October 4 this year. Cape has sailed six times around the globe, and also won five Sydney-Hobart races. He knows the game.

    Andrew Cape in the Volvo Ocean Race:
    2011-12 – Team Telefónica
    2008-09 – PUMA Ocean Racing
    2005-06 – movistar / Ericsson
    1997-98 – Toshiba
    1993-94 – Tokio

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    Nice shot of canting keel being inserted!

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    Amazing how much the new designs look like the old Moonshine eh?
    Pointing like a traffic cop, footin like a track star.

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    Whats old is new. Moonshine never had that new carbon fiber/kevlar smell though.

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    Charlie Enright has a new job. The 29-year old native from Rhode Island, USA, is now Team Alvimedica skipper for the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15.

    We've followed Charlie all the way from his home to Istanbul, Southampton and Alicante in Europe for the launch of the Turkish/American team. We hope you'll enjoy the ride...

    Expect more like this to be uploaded to the Official Volvo Ocean Race YouTube Channel in the future. Get all the latest updates on ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~

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